How We Help Companies Like Yours

With over two decades of experience and over 400 clients in the transportation and logistics space, you can rest assured that Synergize will help you achieve your corporate goals and grow your business. Our clients are the most successful transportation clients in North America and are seeing incredible results like:

  • Shorter billing cycles, accelerated cash collections, and shorter Days Sales Outstanding (see the incredible results)
  • Easier access to information regardless of the physical location of employees
  • Significant cost savings through process automation and fewer human errors 
  • Faster driver recruitment and onboarding processes

What Makes Us Different

An all-in-one solution

Synergize combines imaging and storage, workflow and automation and more into a single solution.  Every department becomes more efficient and staff can focus on what matters most: growing the business and serving their clients.

Scales alongside you

While it’s easy to measure what size your company is today, the fact is, you have no idea how big you’ll be tomorrow. As a result, you need to ensure that your document management software is flexible enough to scale as you grow.

At Microdea, we have clients of all shapes and sizes, from 30 trucks to over 7,500 trucks and everything in between. 

No custom code required

Need to change your processes? No problem. Synergize allows users to update their processes quickly and easily without ever needing custom code or expensive IT engagements.

Integrate with the systems you're already using

We know that you rely on a number of different systems to keep your freight rolling. Synergize is the critical hub between those systems and allows staff to view, access and take action on your critical documents from wherever they are. Synergize features an extremely rich set of web services & APIs, in addition to a well-developed partner ecosystem, to ensure that we will be speaking the same language as the systems you are already using.

Made for the transportation industry

With over 400 customers and 22 years’ experience, we live and breathe the transportation and logistics industry. Our product is pre-configured, tested and packaged based on our experience in solving similar (or, in some cases, identical) problems for your industry peers.

Trust and experience

We strive to be more than just your document management software vendor, we want to be your partner in success. At Microdea, over 40% of customers have been with us for over 10 years and our customer satisfaction score is consistently rated 99% and above.

In case you were wondering, yes, our very first customer is still with us today!

One of the fastest growing software companies in Canada

Microdea has ranked on the PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, for the past three consecutive years and we’re looking forward to continuing to serve our customers for countless years to come.

Client Testimonial from Rolls Right

Cheryl Ee, Operations and Controller, Rolls Right Industries Ltd.

“Microdea’s support and development teams are the best we have ever worked with… they go the distance to troubleshoot and develop new applications to obtain even better ROI from their products.”

Client Testimonial from CN Rail

Carol Anderson, Development Officer Revenue Management Department, CN

“[Our employees] really enjoy working with Synergize. It is fast, reliable and easy to learn. The windows GUI based retrieval screens practically have no learning curve."

Paul Grothe, Director of Information Technology

Kevin DesJardins, Manager of Project Management, Daylight Transport

“We had high level requirements when selecting a vendor to replace our legacy system. Other vendors had workflow type capabilities, but we chose Synergize because it allows us to quickly and easily build our own workflow processes, and accommodates automation of future processes.”

John G. LaMantia, Executive Director - Administration

Kent Parkinson, CIO, Royal Trucking

“Synergize is a key component to our success in the future so we needed to go with a first class winner. That’s why we chose Microdea. We were impressed with the scalability of the product, the ease of use, and the fact that it integrated seamlessly with the cloud.”

Enrico Vigneault, Rating Supervisor of Express Havre St-Pierre

Eric Carusi, General Manager, Transpro Freight Systems Ltd

“To help us meet our goals at Transpro, Synergize is always improving and always offering us a new step forward, so we’re always improving. That’s a key trait to a good vendor/client relationship. You’re falling behind if you’re not teamed up with the right vendors.”

Amanda Morby Kloepfer, Operations Manager, Warner Fleet Services

Brent Falgione, President, Greater Omaha Express

“Without a partner like Microdea and Synergize, we wouldn't be able to plan for our growth in the manner that we are. Without automation and technology, a company just can’t run efficiently. You have to run efficiently in this day and age to grow in the marketplace,”

Enrico Vigneault, Rating Supervisor of Express Havre St-Pierre

“We have gained significant time savings with Synergize. The system is quite easy to manage, and results in faster look-up, more accurate billing and increased efficiency. The value is definitely there.”

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