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Release Date | Mar 10 2016

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Increased efficiencies expected to stabilize headcount, improve margins, enable growth

Markham, Ontario, Canada (March 10, 2016) – Microdea Inc. today announces that Royal Trucking Company of West Point, Mississippi has selected Microdea’s Synergize document management software to automate process flow in their accounting department, with the goal of taking the company to a paperless environment. Royal Trucking recently quadrupled the size of their truck fleet, and in conjunction with that growth is undergoing a complete restructuring of their corporate information technology (IT) infrastructure.

Integrated with document import system TransFlo® and transportation management system TMWSuite®, Synergize will be used initially to streamline order entry and billing. Once a load is tendered in TMWSuite, supporting documents will be available in Synergize. Upon delivery of each load, the bill of lading is scanned into Synergize, a quick audit step ensures field accuracy, then the automated process creates invoice packages and converts them to PDFs for emailing or print, based on customer requirements. With this automated and streamlined process, Royal Trucking expects to see a significant reduction in time-to-bill from their current one week time frame.

Synergize is a key component to our success in the future so we needed to go with a first class winner. That’s why we chose Microdea,” states Kent Parkinson, CIO of Royal Trucking. “We were impressed with the scalability of the product, the ease of use, and the fact that it integrated seamlessly with the cloud. Solid integration with TMW and mainstream software such as Microsoft® Office 365™ will make it easier for us to change some of our entrenched processes.”

Future plans include securing their Human Resources and Safety documents – which have considerable statutory retention requirements – with the Records Management module of Synergize.

States Microdea CEO Steve Divitkos, “By streamlining processes and enabling quicker access to more accurate information, Synergize will deliver big productivity improvements to Royal Trucking. We’re delighted to hear that Microdea and Synergize are of strategic importance to the company overall.”

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