RoadMasters Transport expedites handling Driver Safety and Billing & Settlement documents

Release Date | Aug 19 2014

Press Release

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (August 19, 2014) – Microdea Inc. today announces that RoadMasters Transport of Athens, Texas, USA has selected the Synergize® document management solution to automate processing of eight different Accounts Receivable document types required for Billing & Settlement, plus 13 different document types required to comply with Driver Safety regulations. Integrated with transportation management system TMWSuite®, Synergize has delivered considerable time savings and expedited billing processes.

Upon delivery of a load, drivers scan the related documents via TRANSFLO® into Synergize which then detects that the documents have been checked in, flags the load for billing, identifies the required supporting documents based on the customer’s profile, and automatically generates an invoice email which is sent via SMTP server to the customer. Before deploying Synergize, generating a batch of invoices would take RoadMasters over half an hour – now, that work is completed in 10 minutes. Aging reports identify invoices 30 days past due which triggers Synergize to automatically generate an email for follow-up, giving RoadMasters a leg up on Collections. 

To comply with federal and state Driver Safety regulations, RoadMasters uses Synergize to track the submission and expiration dates of 13 different types of documents that drivers are required to turn in every 30 days. These documents include the commercial drivers’ license, Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination results, DOT inspection reports, monthly preventative maintenance reports, daily vehicle inspections reports, log sheets, and trip sheets. Expired documents? Missing forms? That means no dispatch status, meaning drivers cannot work. Synergize sorts the documents into a workflow queue, then automatically emails the driver if documents are rejected (for missing elements) or are expired. This automates what was previously a very heavy workflow and expedites document approvals. 

According to Alisha Thomas, IT Manager, “I’ve been more than pleased that we’ve implemented Synergize. Everything has worked smoothly. We can now settle with drivers much faster, and we’ve eliminated manual emailing.” Future plans include implementing the Synergize Accounts Payable module within the next calendar quarter. 

States Microdea CEO Steve Divitkos, “We’re very excited to welcome RoadMasters into our large and growing family of Synergize users within the transportation sector. We’re looking forward to working with Alisha and the rest of the team to identify other potential areas in which we’ll be able to help create value in the future.” 

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