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Release Date | Jul 03 2014

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Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (July 3, 2014) – Microdea Inc. today announces that Mullen Trucking LP of Aldersyde, Alberta has signed an agreement to deploy the Synergize® document management solution to automate business processes around documents required for their freight business. With a trip envelope that can consist of up to eight types of documents - proof of delivery (POD), bill of lading (BOL), customs documentation, weigh scale tickets, yard rent, load confirmations, subcontractor invoices and shippers’ BOL – Mullen Trucking needed a flexible, secure electronic solution to check-in, scan, index, and link the documents for invoicing.

Integrated with the TruckMate® transportation management system, Mullen Trucking uses four modules of the Synergize solution that culminate in the billing process. Three users on the Freight Audit team who previously worked with paper files all day long have expedited accessing, sharing and processing the documents electronically. Now, any authorized user in the entire Customer Service department can view the freight documents that have been scanned into Synergize as images in PDF format. For the Accounts Receivable department this has resulted in workflow efficiencies, reduced paper storage, and considerable time savings.

According to Leslie Rhodes, Director of Finance and Accounting at Mullen Trucking, “We issue 1,500 invoices per month, with five or six pieces of documentation attached as backup with each bill – that’s 9,000 to 10,000 documents that have to be handled each and every month. With Synergize we have saved 6 to 8 hours per week on filing and retrieval, allowing us to re-deploy one part-time staff person. More importantly, we now save half a day on invoice runs that we do twice weekly, saving us eight hours per week.”

Mullen Trucking selected Synergize to align with the five other business units under their parent company, Mullen Group, that were already using it for various business processes. Looking ahead, Rhodes hopes to employ Synergize for their Accounts Payable function in two business units of Mullen Group as a trial later this year.

States Microdea CEO Steve Divitkos, “We are thrilled to hear that Mullen has already realized a meaningful return on their Synergize investment. We’re looking forward to enjoying a long-term relationship where we’ll be able to work with them to uncover additional cost and time savings.”

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