Microdea rolls out new user interface for Synergize

Release Date | Jan 17 2019

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Synergize by Microdea, a document management and automation solution for the transportation and logistics industry, has released a new user interface that makes handling documents and automating back-office processes more efficient. 

The new look makes it easier for administrative staff to view and process documents, speeding up manual tasks like indexing, verifying and validating information, processing rate confirmations, and GLcoding. The software upgrade also delivers greater security and better performance, works on all browsers, and allows for updates to happen automatically.

“The transportation industry is modernizing fast,” said Jonathan Cowie, vice president of sales and marketing at Microdea. “We’re committed to help trucking and logistics companies move their back offices into the automated, digital age, and deliver real returns on investment in the process.”   

More importantly, the move allows transportation and logistics companies to automate more processes from end-to-end.

1.16.19 New Synergize exception management flow for billers_0

In Accounts Receivable, companies can now streamline capturing, indexing, and processing all billing documents. BOLs, PODs and accessorials can be automatically matched with the correct load in the Transportation Management System (TMS), and invoices can be automatically created and sent with all required backup documentation attached. This leads to best-in-class billing times while requiring less labour. 

In Accounts Payable, incoming invoices can be captured, indexed, approved and posted without anyone even looking at the document. Logistics providers can digitize and automate their process for getting rates confirmed and carriers paid from end-to-end. With greater speed, companies can take advantage of early pay discounts, avoid late penalties, and ensure they have adequate credit with all vendors. Processing invoices becomes efficient, error-free and automatic, with improved visibility and tighter controls can be placed on spending. 

“With the recent upgrades our customers will be able to automate more processes and handle documents faster than ever before,” said Steve Divitkos, CEO of Microdea. “Increasingly, leading transportation companies are leveraging automation software to increase cash flow, find economies of scale, and improve their operating ratios. Ultimately, we’re proud to be helping some of the biggest and fastest growing transportation companies in North America streamline their operations.”


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