Greater Omaha Express selects Synergize to automate document-intensive processes in anticipation of doubling size of their business

Release Date | Nov 30 2015

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Expects to cut time-to-bill from 12 days to under three

Markham, Ontario, Canada (November 30, 2015) – Microdea Inc. today announces that Greater Omaha (GO) Express of Omaha, Nebraska has selected Microdea’s Synergize document management and process automation software to manage shipping documents related to their refrigerated food-grade carrier business. Serving the Fortune 500 food companies, GO Express handles a multitude of documents – including bills of lading, lumper receipts, detention reports, scale tickets, and washout receipts – for up to 80 loads per day.

Currently, all shipping documents are processed manually, a labor-intensive and error-prone method that takes 12 days to invoice the customer. Once implemented, Synergize will be integrated with transportation management system TMWSuite® to manage the shipping documents electronically and send auto-billings via MS-Outlook, reducing the potential for error and providing better service to their customers. Time-to-bill is expected to be less than three days. The company also expects to increase cash flow efficiency, reduce carrying charges for expenditures on each shipment, and redeploy non-driving personnel to more strategic roles.

“Without a partner like Microdea and Synergize, we wouldn`t be able to plan for our growth in the manner that we are. Without automation and technology a company just can`t run efficiently. You have to run efficiently in this day and age to grow in the marketplace,” according to Brent Falgione, President of GO Express. “The industry is ever-evolving. The technology that Synergize is going to provide is helping both medium-sized and large carriers bridge that gap and make more effective use of their workforces.”

GO Express has doubled the size of their business this year, and plans to double again next year enabled by their use of technology. Future plans include establishing a Synergize portal for customers to access and retrieve documents on an as-required / pull basis.

States Microdea CEO Steve Divitkos, “We’re very pleased to welcome GO Express to the Synergize family. Their growth plans are impressive and we are delighted that they have selected Synergize to help them automate document-intensive processes and achieve their goals.”

About GO Express

Since 2006, GO Express—Greater Omaha’s own contract carrier trucking company, specializing in the transportation of refrigerated products and dry goods—has focused on providing the highest levels of customer and employee satisfaction. GO Express operates in 48 states, coast to coast, satisfying a variety of needs. No matter what level of service you require, GO Express has the staff, equipment, technology, and experience to fulfill your expectations and improve your bottom line. For more information please visit:

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Microdea is a document management and back office automation software solution provider that has been serving the North American transportation and logistics industry for 25 years. Over 400 transportation companies use Microdea’s technology solutions to speed up cash flow, increase profitability and accelerate growth. To learn more visit:

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