Daylight Transport adopts workflow automation and barcode reading capabilities

Release Date | May 03 2016

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Billing automation cuts time for statement invoicing from entire day to one hour

Markham, Ontario, Canada (May 3, 2016) – Microdea Inc. today announces that Daylight Transport of Long Beach, California has selected Microdea’s Synergize document management and workflow automation software to manage documents required for invoicing, claims routing, and COD payment routing. With over 2.3 million documents imaged in the last year, Daylight chose Synergize for its scalability, robust workflow and barcode reading capabilities, and seamless integration with transportation management system TruckMate®. Synergize has replaced manual statement invoicing, cutting time to produce statements from an entire day to one hour, one of the biggest efficiency gains Daylight has observed through their use of the software.

Daylight makes 2,000 pick-ups or deliveries every day. For every one of those they’re storing images of multiple document types including BOLs, delivery receipts, load cards, unload cards, OS&D with pictures, and cheques. Their largest workflow is to manage billing; BOLs are brought into Synergize either by scan at the service center or via FTP from their agents, then routed according to particular billing requirements. Barcode reading is used to capture the document type and pro number; the pro number is then used to look up data in TruckMate.

According to Kevin DesJardins, Manager of Project Management for Daylight, “We had high level requirements when selecting a vendor to replace our legacy system Liberty. Other vendors had workflow type capabilities, but we chose Synergize because its Synergize Process Server allows us to quickly and easily build our own workflow processes, and accommodates automation of future processes.”

“I’m very pleased that Synergize has met Daylight’s high standards and expectations,” says Microdea CEO Steve Divitkos. “Even with the massive volume of documents they are managing, we are confident that the robust workflow automation capabilities of Synergize will continue to deliver significant time and cost savings.”

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