AR and Collections Automation Through a Document Management Lens

Release Date | Jan 27 2016

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As seen in Financial Operations magazine Winter 2015 issue

Regardless of which industry you operate in, monetizing your Accounts Receivable (AR) and shortening your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is of critical importance. Unpaid or late invoices aren’t simply pieces of paper – they represent actual cash that you could otherwise be reinvesting into other areas of your businesses. 

How much could you improve your cash cycle if you could automate the process of generating invoices (including all supporting documentation) and collecting on them? 

Automating AR processes within a Document Management (DM) framework overcomes the challenges of remote locations, allows for the quick receipt of supporting documents, and makes a same-day billing process a reality.

Click below to read the full story on pages 10-11 of the magazine. 

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