How Carriers Can Bill 10x Faster

What if you could send invoices within minutes of delivering?


Webinar Details

Duration: 25 minutes

About this Webinar

With the right pieces in place, it’s now possible to bill your clients almost the moment your drivers drop off a load.

Customers are demanding information faster. You can give it to them.

You want to get paid faster. You can make that happen too.

With the technology available today, there’s no reason to delay. It’s all possible when you make the move from a slow billing process to a fast one. That means going paperless, automating steps in the process, and leveraging the latest and greatest tech solutions.

More specifically, in this webinar we’ll talk about:

  • What a slow billing process looks like versus a fast one
  • The four pillars of an efficient billing process
  • The specific technologies that can be used to accelerate biling
  • Two case studies from companies who have cut time-to-bill by 10X

By billing 10X faster than you do today, you can shave days, if not weeks, off your Days Sales Outstanding, accelerating cash flow and driving real business growth.

Remaining competitive in today’s fast-paced market is all about increasing the speed and efficiency of your business. Register for this webinar to learn more about how you can do just that.

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