The Synergize Safety & Incident workflow module allows your organization to define processes and rules to handle the different types of documents related to incidents such as accidents, investigations, violations, as well as insurance and worker compensation claims.
The result: timely notifications enabling appropriate escalation of incidents, violations, and accidents.

What Synergize Does for You

Step 1:

Documents arrive by email, scan or download, then are indexed to Synergize with cross reference to the TMS’s Safety module. This ensures that the index data is correct, and reduces the manual entry required.

Step 1: Documents are received and indexed into Synergize document management software
Step 2: Documents are routed to appropriate people via workflow

Step 2:

Once in Synergize, documents are automatically routed to the appropriate people/departments simultaneously to ensure that they are aware of the new information.  

Step 3:

Authorized users can then review the document and update the Safety module in the TMS where appropriate.

Step 3: Users can review the document and update the safety module
Step 4: The document is reviewed and remains associated with the incident

Step 4:

Once the user has reviewed the document and processes it, the document remains associated with the incident in the TMS and can be viewed from within the Safety Module.

"Documents are vitally important in the logistics world. Whether it is our contracts, our PODs, or our claims forms, documents are key to everything we do so it’s really important to have a central platform to access them.
We anticipate that the automation gains we’ll see by using Synergize will really deliver from an ROI standpoint, once we unify on the platform."

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