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Getting loads covered and carriers paid shouldn’t take hours upon hours of tedious work. Your staff have better things to do than entering data, cross-checking numbers and updating statuses. The process should be as easy as the click of a button. With our Rate Confirmation and Carrier Pay solution, now it is.


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If you’re trying to grow your logistics business without adding headcount, a paperless, automated and integrated solution for rate cons and carrier invoices is essential. Removing paper reduces delays, errors, and costs. Automation means many steps can be completed with the click of a button. And deeper integrations lead to even greater efficiencies.



Our solution completely eliminates paper from the process, on your side and on the carrier side. This means faster approvals from carriers and less work for you.


Our solution goes from end-to-end. As soon as you enter a rate con in your TMS, all you have to do is click a button. If the carrier accepts, no other action is required.


Our solution will integrate with your TMS or dispatch software (even if it’s homegrown) and with most leading accounting and ERP packages.



“Using Synergize, we expect to shorten the time between order start, processing, and invoicing our customers, and are aiming to get that to 72 hours. In addition to having the documents sent automatically to head office, Synergize will also allow us to send the ticket information directly to the refinery for their planning purposes.“

Dan Gordon, EVP Business Development, Delek Transportation
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