Synergize stores all rate confirmation and related documents in a central, secure, digital repository — ready to recall or review at any time and from any place. Workflow automation speeds up and standardizes the rate confirmation process according to your best practices.
This allows your brokerage to automatically receive rate confirmations, check carrier information from the dispatch system, identify unsigned and missing documents, send any unsigned rate confirmations to carriers by email or fax according to their preferences, confirm shipping orders, and advance related documents to both payables and receivables workflows.

What Synergize Does for You

Automate Paper-Based and Labor-Intensive Tasks

Any task associated with verifying load rates can be automated. Plus automate notification if data or documents are missing.

Save files to the document management software directly from Outlook
Detailed audit logging for each workflow activity

Accelerate Transactions for Brokered Loads

Configurable workflow scenarios are used for rate confirmation and carrier documents, with rules based authorization, version tracking and detailed audit logging for each workflow activity. Reduce delays and spend more time finding and covering loads to increase revenue.

Reduce Costs of Managing Rate Confirmations

Automatically route rate confirmation documents to carriers. Improve customer service and satisfaction.

Freight Document Management Software
Configurable workflow scenarios in Synergize document management software

Increase Process Control and Workflow Visibility

Automate notification on receipt of supporting documents or if data or documents are missing. This will allow you to monitor internal operating efficiencies.

Graphical Workflow Designer

Allows you to easily map complex procedures and business process rules to reflect your unique business requirements

Graphical workflow designer maps complex procedures and business processes

“Using Synergize, we expect to shorten the time between order start, processing, and invoicing our customers, and are aiming to get that to 72 hours.
In addition to having the documents sent automatically to head office, Synergize will also allow us to send the ticket information directly to the refinery for their planning purposes.“


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