Desktop and Mobile

Quick and Easy Capture. Safe and Simple Storage.

Origin is a super simple back-office automation platform. Capture docs with the mobile capture app. Save and store them in a digital filing cabinet. Documents get back to the office fast, billing happens the same day, and your office runs more smoothly than ever before. 


Get signed BOLs back to the office in seconds


Save and store documents in one central place


Stop chasing down drivers for missing documentation


Eliminate missing documents and unbilled revenue

customer request

Respond to customer requests for documentation instantly


Make getting audited hands off and hassle free


How it Works

On the Road

Drivers love using Origin because it's simple, intuitive and easy to use. 

  • Faster, cheaper and more reliable than in-cab or truck stop scanners.

High quality images arrive at the office moments later, kickstarting the billing process.

  • Images are optimized for quality and size to minimize exceptions and data usage.

How it Works

At the Office

All documents get securely stored in a digital filing cabinet where they can easily be found with a simple search.

  • Find any document in seconds. Know where everything is, at all times.

Your paperwork stays organized, your office runs efficiently, and your business saves time and money.

  • No upfront investment in hardware or infrastructure. Up and running in no time.

Simple and Easy to Use

No distracting bells and whistles you don’t need


Fast and Reliable

Modernize your operations and make your processes paperless


Efficient and Affordable

Stay organized, save time and run a cost-efficient office