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With twenty years of experience under our belt, we've done countless implementations across industries, company sizes and technology environments. As a result of that accumulated experience, we've developed the proprietary 6-Step Synergize Implementation Methodology. We take the time to learn about your business, your existing systems, your challenges and your opportunities to ensure that you have a fully tailored solution.


We're willing to bet that you don't just want an 'out-of-the-box' solution. You want something tailored to your specific needs. You want to partner with somebody that will take the time to understand your industry, your unique processes, your constraints and your requirements. Most importantly, you want seamless integration with the various other internal systems that you're already using.

Our process doesn't even start until we have a full understanding of your needs. Only then do we put together a solution that's right for you.  

Microdea’s Project Methodology (PM) is a comprehensive end-to-end approach that has been designed and enhanced through hundreds of client engagements. The methodology addresses the key business challenges and requirements of clients.  It facilitates improved business processes, IT environments and systems, and desired business outcomes. Additionally, the PM methodology serves as a communication and management process to ensure completeness and correctness of implemented solutions.

Phase 1: Planning

The objective of this phase is to establish the foundational PM and team communication elements. In this phase, Microdea will: kick-off the project and review initial plan to ensure all project team members understand the road ahead; conduct any additional requirements with discovery workshops/meetings; ensure key roles, skill sets, and responsibilities are defined and committed; define and implement our PM approach including our proposed schedules, milestones and acceptance criteria; establish protocols and tools for team communication. The client will plan for procurement and provision of hardware, software as needed. 

Phase 2: Analysis and Design

In this phase of the project, Microdea will assess the current environment, focusing first on the business processes (who, what, why, when, how) and second on the IT systems and infrastructure. Microdea will identify the roles and responsibilities of people involved for each process,  the documents and information that they deal with, and how/what other IT systems are engaged. Microdea will design a solution that encapsulates client’s business processes in their entirety including document and information/data capture, data validation, business rules, workflow, process automation, systems integration, user responsibilities, access rights, systems and workflow monitoring and optimization. Completion of this phase occurs when the client has reviewed the analysis and solution design document and provides a approval for implementation to begin.

Phase 3: Develop and Implement

During this phase, installation and configuration of the product will be done to accommodate a baseline of functionality. Initial testing will be conducted. Any custom development will be done. A client walk-through will be conducted to allow both vendor and client subject matter experts to reach consensus on specific details. Pre-production deployment and review will be confined to a limited test group of users. These users must have the authority to define system usage. This set of users are normally subject matter experts such as End Users and Business Analysts.  

Phase 4: User Acceptance Testing and GAP Remediation

During this phase the implementation team will fully configure all aspects of the solution. Client will own acceptance testing (test cases, acceptance test planning and execution) and communicate gaps to validate against the proposed requirements. All  documented gaps will be addressed prior to production cut-over. Any additional training (as explicitly agreed through contract) will be provided. Completion of this phase occurs when the client has provided user acceptance testing completion and approval and production go-live approval.

Phase 5: Production Cut-Over / Go Live

Microdea will aid in the production cut-over. Client will provide any final Production tests. Client will provide final production go-live written approval. The system will now be open for live users and transactions. Any configurations for integrations with other systems will be enabled. Client will engage their internal support staff for first line support and ongoing backup and maintenance. Appropriate baseline documentation will be handed over to the client. Microdea will transition the maintenance of the site from Professional Services to the Customer Success group.

Phase 6: Customer Success

In this phase, the Customer Success group will facilitate support of the project for a definite amount of time to monitor any implementation gaps and post go-live issues. This phase provides a continuous services effort in ensuring a smooth project transition to the Support group.

Once the project is transitioned to support, the Customer Success group will monitor and track the customer's health and license renewals through proactive engagements such as executive business reviews/health checks and scheduled calls.

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