Learn the 10 secrets to getting drivers to love and use the tech you give them.

As technology continues to transform the transportation and logistics industry, adoption has become a big concern for every company looking to stay ahead of the curve. To be successful in the years ahead, employees need to be open and eager to trying new tools and doing things differently. They need to be technology adopters. 

Working with hundreds of transportation companies for the past 25 years, Microdea has learned some things about getting people to use software. This ebook shares these lessons and proposes practical steps you can take to help make the tech-adoption mindset take hold amongst your drivers in particular, your employees more generally, and even yourself. 


Where to start with talking about technology with your drivers


All the ways you can increase your odds of success


How to use tech to attract and retain drivers, rather than scare them away


Secrets to getting drivers to love the tech you give them


The keys to increasing usage and accelerating adoption over time

In the end, this ebook will help you create a technology adoption cycle, where small improvements lead to big changes over time.