Standardize and streamline your recruiting, on-boarding and driver file management processes from end-to-end. 

Recruiting, on-boarding, and managing driver documentation takes up valuable time and involves many manual steps and tedious data entry. Synergize Driver Recruitment and File Management streamlines the process, automates the manual stuff, and allows administrative staff to focus on more important things, like building lasting relationships with drivers.


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Faster Recruitment

  • Mobile-friendly, easy-to-use online forms with source tracking for optimizing advertising
  • Workflow automation speeds up review, processing and approval of applications
  • Quickly respond to customer or compliance requests
  • Driver files automatically get created and populated in your TMS
  • Ability to monitor every step of the process to identify bottlenecks


Safer Storage

  • All documents, including forms, licenses, medical cards, and insurance get stored in a secure, digital place where access can be restricted to those who need to know
  • All documents are viewable from within the TMS to save administrators time
  • Any document can be found in seconds with a simple search
  • No need to store hard copies or go searching through filing cabinets of records


Automatic Updates

  • As license, insurance and medical card expiries approach, automatic notifications get sent out to ensure drivers are always compliant
  • Expiry dates and other key information is updated automatically as new paperwork is received, minimizing data entry errors
  • Managing files becomes a quick and easy process where only exceptions need to be handled
  • Managing driver documents becomes a paperless and pain-free process


We are embracing technology. Our total overall operational costs will be drastically lower than our competitors’ which in turn will lead to a great competitive advantage. We are planning for rapid growth over the next three to five years, in the range of 20-30% per year. We feel that Synergize is a product we can grow with and grow into. We’re excited to get on board with new technology and grow our company into the future.
Ryan Hunt, Director of Operations, Holicky Bros.
I’ve been more than pleased that we’ve implemented Synergize. Everything has worked smoothly. We can now settle with drivers much faster, and we’ve eliminated manual emailing.
Alisha Thomas, IT Manager, RoadMasters
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