Recruiting, hiring and retaining enough skilled commercial truck drivers is difficult, expensive, and incredibly time consuming.  Synergize Driver Recruitment significantly standardizes and streamlines the driver recruitment and onboarding process from end to end. 

Operating at the speed of paper is no longer acceptable. More than ever before, you require easy and instant access to your information in order to make fast and informed decisions. This is what Synergize provides you with: a single platform to store, organize, and instantly retrieve any document within your enterprise. Eliminate your dependence on costly physical document storage, allow authorized employees to instantly access business-critical information, and provide your team with the data redundancy required to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. Given the explosion of corporate data witnessed over the past decade, it has never been more important for companies to control the millions of documents that come into and out of their doors every day.

How Driver Recruiting Software Helps You:

Attract & Recruit

  • Intuitive, mobile-friendly online application form hosted on your website
  • Easy-to-fill-out forms, designed for drivers
  • Collection & storage of all application information easily accessible in a single place
  • Lead generation capabilities to track applicant source and optimize your advertising spend
Driver recruiting software helps carriers attract and recruit truck drivers
The driver recruiting software portal

Gather & Confirm Qualifications

  • Online collection and validation of driver qualifications
  • Automated enforcement of your unique hiring practices through easily configurable toolset
  • At-a-glance recruiter portal for easy, single source access to traffic violation records, work history, and other background information

Hire & Onboard

  • Workflow automation routes driver candidate documents to the appropriate recruiters for review, processing and approval
  • Streamlined applicant processing tools to quickly issue offers and send supporting documentation
  • Auto-publish driver documents and other applicant information to your TMS
Out of the box reports help analyze your key data and monitor things every step of the way
Workflow automation routes documents to the appropriate recruiters

Continually Manage & Track

  • Reporting and audit tools for FMCSA compliance
  • Analyze key data and monitor every step of the process to identify bottlenecks

“We are embracing technology. Our total overall operational costs will be drastically lower than our competitors’ which in turn will lead to a great competitive advantage. We are planning for rapid growth over the next three to five years, in the range of 20-30% per year. We feel that Synergize is a product we can grow with and grow into. We’re excited to get on board with new technology and grow our company into the future.”

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