Intuitive drag & drop graphical workflow designer

An intuitive, user-friendly tool to map and streamline any of your unique organizational processes

  • Visio-style look and feel
  • Drag and drop queues onto canvas to easily draw the scenario
  • Connect queues with the click of a mouse
  • Build in business decision rules based on your corporate best practices
  • Publish workflows for immediate use or save them without activating them. Full version control allows you to revert to previous versions
  • Unlimited number of workflow scenarios
Document Workflow Management Software for Transportation and Logistics

Process control based on customized business rules

Conditions-based routing decisions allow for tight process control and uniformity

  • Configurable rules based logic at each workflow step for automated routing decisions
  • Automatically perform logical steps and make document distribution choices based on lookup or arrival of a new document
  • Rules-based routing allows for complex rules to be specified that augment workflow tasks and automatically process flows with a precise runtime



Audit trails and increased management visibility

For every organizational document, know who has interacted with it, when that interaction occurred, what was done, and to whom it was passed for the next stage of processing

  • Track and display workflow histories for each document
  • Workflow history logs show who, where, what and when
  • Visual display of where a document is in a workflow at any point
  • Queue monitoring for bottleneck identification
  • Configurable rules based on user-defined escalation points
Audit trails show the history of each document

Automated process initiation via capture

The ability to automatically initiate a pre-defined workflow process based on the simple step of capturing a document and its associated data

  • Initiates automated processes and workflow activities to ensure that the work gets started right away, each time
  • Processes can be triggered by the detection of a new scanned document, PCL Print Stream, Email, Fax or any electronic document arriving in Synergize
  • Control where documents enter the workflow

“We expect the whole process to be more streamlined from the moment we get the phone call to the end when we send out the invoice.  This will allow us to track the paperwork more efficiently and make everything run much more smoothly. I’m pretty excited about it.”


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