Records retention and disposition schedules

A single platform within which all data and information can be stored, organized and retained

  • Built-in retention and disposition scheduling tools
  • Track and manage electronic records throughout their entire lifecycle, from creation (or receipt), to maintenance and use, to cut off and finally disposition (destruction or transfer)
  • Retrieval of any departmental or organizational record at a moment’s notice with the click of a mouse
  • Highly configurable to ensure alignment with unique corporate policies and best practices

Reporting, disaster recovery & business continuity

Retention and maintenance of proprietary, confidential, or personal information related to clients or other stakeholder groups.

  • Full information transparency to serve the interests of auditors, regulators, or customers
  • Easy reporting tools within an open, structured database
  • Electronic records are safe, secure and easily recoverable from backups
  • Accessibility, retrieval tools, control, and information transparency required for business continuity
  • Built-in redundancies to aid in document and recovery
  • Built-in regulatory compliance

“Synergize automatically recognizes 80% of our bills of lading and much of our other documentation, so just having those shipping documents identified and knowing which is which is a big deal. Ask any one of our billers: it’s like night and day from where we were before to where we are now.”


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