Automated capture

Documents can be ingested in many different forms including:

  • FTP site monitoring
  • Network hot folder monitoring
  • Coded Filename Parsing
  • Advanced document classification capabilities
  • Capture emails as they arrive in a centralized inbox

Paper document capture

The Synergize scanning, document imaging and indexing software is fast, flexible, and intuitive. Never drown in paper again.

  • Leverages the Kofax VRS / Paperstream image enhancement tools
  • Power of database looks for easy and fast indexing of documents
  • Built in barcode reading tools
  • Easily scan, split and re-scan of documents in a batch
  • Field level control for required fields and field types (for example, dates & dropdown lists)
Synergize document imaging is fast, flexible and intuitive

Seamless Microsoft Office integration

No more printing for the purpose of scanning the paper into Synergize

  • Save to Synergize directly from MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Simple built-in desktop indexing component with data lookup abilities
  • Optional MS-Outlook integration for single one-click saving of emails
Save directly to the document management software with one click in Outlook

One-click email capture

Fully leverage all of the content that resides in your inbox to ensure that no documents get left behind

  • Single click trigger to save emails and attachments directly to Synergize
  • Pick and choose what components to save (body only, attachments only, or both)
  • Save documents natively or convert to .pdf or .tiff automatically
  • Simple built-in desktop indexing component with data lookup abilities
  • Seamless integration with MS Outlook (multiple versions) to ensure high end user adoption

Watch the Email Integration Product Demo

Simple drag & drop file capture

We couldn’t have made it any easier: simply drag and drop files from your computer into the Synergize Web explorer

Drag and drop file capture
  • Start the indexing process right away
  • Eliminate the need to print a document just to scan it
  • Keystroke and index time reduction
  • Instant document availability for all authorized Synergize users

Print stream capture

No more printing to physical paper just to turn around and scan it.

  • Take any feed that was once going to a network or local printer, generate the documents electronically and route them to Synergize
  • PCL interception of print jobs to save images into Synergize
  • Split the electronic feed into distinct documents
  • Automatically index documents based on PCL feed data

“The Synergize process took all the invoice tracking problems away from us. The invoice is scanned and we have 100% accessibility to the document from that point on. It’s a tremendous time saver and there is a significant convenience factor.”


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