Drag & drop graphical process builder

Proprietary process builder enables you to easily map, visualize and implement process automation reliably and efficiently.

  • Intuitive graphical workflow designer with vast collection of pre-configured actions
  • Fully customizable without users or designers writing a single line of code
  • Intuitive tools to bind the properties of various actions together
  • Visual validation alerts ensure that no mistakes are made during the building process
  • Simple tools to run tests and see process log files to ensure proper execution

Rich library of pre-built actions

All of the heavy lifting has been done for you

  • Comprehensive toolbox comprised of over 120 pre-built actions
  • Library of preconfigured processes for Automatic Document Distribution, Auto Reply Email Responder, Collections Monitoring, Network or FTP site hot folder monitoring, and many more
  • Ability for authorized users to easily design and execute endless combinations of automated processes
  • Automation of Synergize system-to-system data flows, as well as common human-to-system or system-to-human business processes

Open architecture – build & add custom actions

Add new and unique actions directly to your toolbox

  •  Ability to compliment the toolbox of over 120 prebuilt actions
  •  Open architecture enables developers to create highly specialized business processes
  •  Development Support on call to assist where required



Rules-based routing and branching for complex processes

Conditional branching gives you the control to send documents down different paths based on fully configurable conditions

  • Advanced actions such as conditional document branch and workflow processing allow for the routing of information based on customizable logic
  • Automation of system-to-system, human-to-system, and system-to-human business processes and data flows
  • Rules based routing allowing for complex rules to be specified that augment workflow tasks and automatically process flows with precise runtimes

Automated business decisions via validation rules

Complete process automation, allowing for manual intervention only when necessary, based on customized conditions

  • Rules-based logic ensuring 100% process consistency every time
  • 24/7 runtime – let the system work even when you aren’t
  • Combine automated processes with Synergize Workflow to create efficiencies for any scenario
  • Consolidate activities across disparate systems

“Technology has helped the company to grow and manage what’s happening in the industry. Since 1999 we’ve doubled the size of our business but have not hired more administrative people. This is a direct reflection of taking advantage of the efficiencies of different technologies like Synergize.”


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