Software that solves paperwork problems.

For over 20 years, Microdea’s industry-leading document management and back-office automation software has been helping transportation and logistics companies improve cash flow, reduce costs, eliminate missing paperwork, streamline driver recruitment, and manage documents more efficiently.

Typically, our customers: 

  • Achieve same-day billing and best-in-class Days Sales Outstanding numbers 
  • Go paperless and increase productivity of office staff by 3-5X
  • Accelerate growth while controlling costs and without adding headcount 
  • See a positive ROI in six months or less

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“The processes got better. The systems got better. By having Synergize in place, our order-to-cash is significantly improved. We have reduced our billing time down to four days from as high as seven.”

Sue Peckford, Invoice Manager

Challenger Motor Freight

Microdea is the highest rated document management and back-office automation software company in the industry.