Secure digital document storage

Access to any organizational document instantly within a single platform.

  •  On premise control of documents
  •  Sophisticated security features for access control
  •  Storage of a wide range of file types 
  •  Activity logging for auditability

Access control & audit trail

Keep track of document access and workflow audit trails in a set of easy- to- read document and processing logs

Workflow logs in Synergize keep track of document access and actions
  • Define which users have access to which information through very granular security controls
  • Document logs to present information on who took what actions on any given document, on what date and at what time
  • Workflow logs present detailed information on processing between multiple queues
  • Granular security tools for user access control at both the repository and file levels
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Collaboration tools: annotations, redactions & version control

Avoid duplication of effort, easily track changes, maintain document integrity, and make collaboration easier

  •  Apply redactions, textual and visual annotations without affecting the document’s integrity 
  • Maintain original versions while adding updated versions to the system
  •  Audit history of any document throughout its entire lifecycle
Collaboration easier with annotation tools

Document check-in/check-out

Ensure that others cannot make changes to documents that you're editing. Maintain control and avoid confusion, duplication of effort and dropped hand-offs.

  • Take control of a document by checking it out
  • Make necessary changes to the document via the native application
  • Check-in the revised document as a new document, updated document or new version of the document
  • Streamline version control with full version history
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Integration with existing systems

Integrations made easy with the use of the Synergize API Development Kit

Easily integrate your document management system with AP or AR solutions
  • Free exposure of the Synergize API Development Kit
  • Web service integrations: “Call” your web services to update your documents
  • Stored procedure integrations: use your existing procedures to perform indexing
  • Leverage existing integrations with Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable solutions
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“When we increase the velocity of data, we increase the velocity of cash flow, so we’ve reduced our billing cycle time from 15 days to less than one day. We are right on schedule with Synergize implementations and measureable results. Organizationally, we are thrilled with it.”


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