Securely Store Documents Where They Can Be Easily Found

  • Store all documents in a secure, digital place
  • Eliminate missing paperwork and reduce unbilled revenue
  • Quickly respond to customer or compliance requests
  • Eliminate risk of fire, flood, or losing documents
  • Make audits quick, easy and painless

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 Automate Accounts Receivable From End-to-end

  • Capture documents from anywhere
  • Automate indexing to reduce manual data entry
  • Automatically create and send invoice packages with all backup docs attached
  • Automatically send collection reminders for outstanding receivables

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Process More Payables In Less Time With Fewer Errors

  • Streamline and automate the process from end-to-end
  • Automate verifying amounts and GL-coding and posting
  • Avoid late fees and take advantage of early pay discounts
  • Improve visibility into company spending and financial standing

Automate Indexing and Remove Bottlenecks with OCR Technology

  • Grab document types, load numbers, vendor names, dates and amounts
  • Eliminate indexing, leading to fewer errors and faster processing
  • Accelerate billing by automatically matching docs with their correct load
  • Streamline AP by automatically verifying amounts within set thresholds

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Make Paperless, Streamlined Processes with Workflow Engine and Editor

  • Automate how documents move through your organization
  • Organize Accounts Payable approvals to eliminate late fees
  • Allow administrative staff to quickly and efficiently handle exceptions
  • Go paperless, save time and reduce errors by eliminating the paperwork shuffle


Better Document Management Means Better Relationships

  • Pay drivers, owner-operators and carriers faster and more accurately
  • Provide instant access to backup documentation
  • Reduce errors, disputes and back-and-forth communication
  • Instantly access documents any time, anywhere

TMS Integrations for Faster Billing, Better Visibility, and End-to-End Automation

  • Check-in documents and match them with the correct load in your TMS
  • Easily view documents from within your TMS
  • Send out all invoices with complete documentation with the click of a button
  • Use our mobile capture application to eliminate indexing and cut time-to-bill

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Accounting System and ERP Integrations That Reduce
Manual Data Entry

  • Automatically code and post transactions to the General Ledger
  • Automatically verify amounts against agreed terms and set thresholds
  • Automatically match invoices with work and purchase orders
  • Easily set spending limits and increase oversight to control corporate spending

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Pre-Built Workflows For
All Your Back-Office Needs

  • Automate the collections process to save time, improve visibility and get paid faster
  • Digitize rate cons to minimize manual work and update load statuses automatically
  • Automate driver file management to send out reminders and reduce repetitive tasks
  • Create custom workflows for any paperwork process with no development work required

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A Proven Track Record of Success in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

  • Microdea has over twenty years of industry experience
  • Nearly 500 transportation and logistics companies use Synergize (many for 10+ years)
  • We work with ¼ of the largest carriers and ⅓ of the largest logistics companies in North america
  • We offer a flexible, highly adaptable solution that’s designed to grow with you

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“Synergize has certainly helped us scale the business. If we hadn’t started using Synergize we would have never been able to cope with all the paperwork or take on bigger and bigger clients.”

- Alan Slater, Controller, Bandstra Transportation Systems

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