Leverage our experience through following the Synergize Implementation Methodology, a proprietary, comprehensive and step-by-step guide to assist all of the relevant stakeholders with the Synergize deployment. Benefit from checkpoints and approvals at every step of the process to ensure that it is always proceeding according to your expectations.


We understand that software doesn't operate in a vacuum. Instead, it has to work in a highly dynamic environment characterized by multiple software products, produced by multiple vendors, across multiple organizational units. Allow us and our document management services team to work with you to ensure that everything within your environment works as a seamless whole. 


Our training programs are designed to equip you and your staff with all of the tools that you'll require in order to get the most out of your Synergize investment. We offer various different classes and training options to best meet your specific requirements.


In addition to coordinating the strategic planning, development, and deployment of Synergize solutions, Microdea's consultants can work with you to identify costly, overly manual, or highly labor intensive processes that could benefit from automation. Among other things, this depth of understanding ensures that the software properly reflects your unique internal processes.

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