How Transportation Companies Are Automating Back Office Processes

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If you are unfamiliar with automation, this is a way to get tasks accomplished with minimal effort. As for back-office automation this cuts down on the number of steps involved with every process in administrative duties. Whether you are talking about data entry, payroll, or record keeping, you can cut out the amount of work that goes into each action. Benefits of back-office automation include reducing human error, while giving office workers more time to spend on front-office needs, such as customer service. When considering how business process automation for transportation can help your company, check out these success stories.

Eliminate Piles of Paperwork

As a trucking company, your day revolves around documents. Bills of lading, routing, scheduling, receipts, certifications, licenses…all of these documents have to find a home. Yet the more time spent filing and searching for other documents could be better used elsewhere. First of all, you are not alone. Atlas Canada and Atlas World Group also suffered from mountains of paperwork. 

The transportation company needed to find a way to cut down on time wasted tracking documents, while reducing the space required to store all of this paperwork. The carrier also wanted to find a way to streamline time spent carrying around file folders and briefcases full of documents. Back-office automation allows Atlas to store documents in a centralized location via electronic documentation. No more piles of paperwork to file or shred. Instead, all of the company’s information is securely stored in an online system that allows for instant, secure access from any location. 

Go Digital in a Flash

But what about transportation companies that have years of paperwork that needs to be digitized? That process in and of itself is enough to scare away any office manager at a trucking company. After all, you are looking at safety training documents, applications, memos, onboarding documentation, tax information, and company policies plus all manners of financial and legal documents. Most companies are unwilling to move to automating back-office processes because they fear the time and expense that will be invested into the transition.

However, one trucking company proves this is nothing to be concerned about. USA Truck, Inc. managed to scan documents digitally in a streamlined process. Rather than having to manually print, scan, save, and upload documents into a system, this is handled efficiently thanks to automation technology. Fast and effective, the latest modes of back-office automation are built with the consumer in mind.

Plus, once documents are downloaded digitally, these are instantly accessible. Staff were able to access this information in real-time. Rather than waiting for weeks or months to have your entire paper backlog uploaded, modernized automation keeps your transportation company up and rolling.

Streamline Office Hours

Every day your office employees are spending hour after hour handling back-office duties. Processing shipping orders, submitting bills of lading, faxing proofs of deposits, locating missing documents…all of these activities are vital to your transportation business. But what if you could reduce the amount of time each process takes? Your employees could get more accomplished in less time, and with less hassle. Expedience and efficiency combined in one—that is a major benefit of automating back-office processes. 

For example, consider the time Solar Transport was spending on back-office activities. In the billing department alone, the transportation company paid workers to process invoices for more than 800 hours. That is the equivalent to four months’ worth of 40-hour work weeks—just on invoicing. These employees were also spending endless hours covering all of the other back-office processes during their work days.

The concern was that all of this back-office time could be better spent. Solar Transport wanted to improve customer service by reducing back-office processes, and automation paved the way. By automating the back-office through document imaging and digitized invoicing, Solar Transport’s office staff can spend more time handling those front-office duties, namely with providing better customer service.

Customers are the driving force of any trucking company, and Solar Transport recognizes the value in investing more time and energy in this area. The staff were also able to improve efficiency and reduce invoicing errors thanks to back-office automation. This only adds to the positive customer service interactions among the staff. 

Make Money More Efficiently

Speaking of invoicing, the main reason for starting any business in the transportation sector is to make money. Yet the more time spent processing bills of lading, payroll information, purchase orders, and service receipts lengthens the amount of time it takes for a company to rake in a revenue. If your company is interested in improving cash collections and increasing its quarterly revenue, check out what Cannonball Express is doing. 

Cannonball Express has automated its billing system. Every step in the process from electronic invoicing to proper routing of information helps this trucking company collect its income more efficiently. Plus, the company is saving money in ways it did not expect on the onset. For instance, the trucking fleet is not spending as much on postage thanks to electronic invoicing and online billing.

More importantly, the total manifestation time for billing has decreased from four days to a couple of hours. Staff at the company can spend far less time collecting revenue, and more time working with customers. As a result, Cannonball Express is spending less on administrative and operating costs, while growing by 30 percent. 

Improving Operations with Back-Office Automation

If your transportation company's goals involve reducing time and energy spent on shuffling papers, while improving your staff's ability to move toward more front-office duties, choose back-office automation. Your documentation will be streamlined, which will reduce human error with filing and finding lost documents. Additionally, everything needed within the administrative system will be instantly accessible through a secure web-based storage system. All of this adds up to your company's ability to scale up your operation. You stand to minimize operational expenditures, while increasing your revenue--all thanks to back office automation for your transportation company.

Want to learn more about the benefits of automation? Download our free whitepaper, Making the Case for Business Process Automation in Transportation.

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