What the Heck is an Inbox Monitoring?

Steele Roddick 2019-03-04 09:45:00
Steele Roddick on Mar 04 2019

If you work in an office, you likely “monitor” an “inbox” every day. You check emails, download attachments, respond to requests, and organize work that needs to be done.

What Inbox Monitoring Doesno-emails

Inbox Monitoring is a piece of computer software that does all of this for you. It’s like hiring a robot to check email all day.

As emails come in, it reads the subject lines, opens emails, downloads attachments, automatically indexes documents based on their file name, and sends them directly to whoever needs to see them in any office location.

This system can be set up to handle AR documents, AP invoices, or any other regular stream of incoming emails. It can also be set up to automatically respond to customer requests for specific documents.

How Inbox Monitoring Accelerates the Billing Process

On the AR side of things, Inbox Monitoring speeds up billing. All documents can be sent to one inbox (either from in-cab scanners, at terminals, or with a mobile capture app like LoadPal) and then the software does the rest.

Documents can be split, saved, stored and checked into your TMS or accounting system to kickstart the billing process. If there’s a bundle of documents, they can be automatically split and sent to payroll, AP, compliance, or any other department. If you have people working in different office locations, that’s no problem either. They can be automatically sent to the right person, so that people aren’t working out of the same inbox.


How Inbox Monitoring Accelerates Accounts Payable Processing

On the AP side of things, paper can be eliminated from the process. Vendor, maintenance and carrier invoices can be automatically downloaded, filed in your system, and organized into a queues for AP clerks to deal with.

If vendor invoices are usually in the same amount, they can be validated and approved automatically. Carrier invoices can be validated against the information in your TMS or dispatch system, and if the amounts match (within a set threshold), they can be paid automatically or sent to a queue for a final review.

The system can automatically grab General Ledger codes too, making posting quicker, easier and less prone to error.  


The ROI of Inbox Monitoring

The returns on investing in Inbox Monitoring are obvious and immediate. With better organized and more automated workflows, staff save time and avoid making errors. Staff working out of multiple locations don’t have to work out of the same inbox, so documents don’t get lost and no duplicate works get done.

Cash flow improves, payment errors and delays don’t happen, and customer requests for documentation can be responded to instantly without any human intervention.

Inbox Monitoring is a part of a larger document management system. To see how it could improve the efficiency of your back office team, feel free to schedule a demo below.

Request a Demo: Inbox Monitoring

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