How Transportation Companies Can Help Their Staff Do More

Steele Roddick 2020-01-15 14:25:00
Steele Roddick on Jan 15 2020

To get the best mileage possible, drivers need good equipment. Even the best driver can only do so much with an old, inefficient truck.

The same is true of office staff. To do paperwork efficiently, they need the right tools.

What a Document Management System Makes Possibleefficiency

A document management system (DMS), like Origin, allows office staff to get more done. Just like a new truck does for drivers, a better document management system allows staff to work more efficiently, saving money and delivering better results.


By removing steps from the process, reducing the amount of boring work, and eliminating the need to print paper. More specifically, that means less indexing, less manual checking of information, less filing, sending fewer emails, attaching fewer documents, and so forth.

In Accounts Receivable, this allows billing staff to invoice customers in minutes, instead of days. As a result, many companies we work with have been able to grow their load volume many times over without hiring more billing staff. Collections reminders can be completely automated as well, so that staff can automatically check up on outstanding invoices. This cuts days off your Days Sales Outstanding and increases cash flow.

The same goes for Accounts Payable. Incoming invoices can be indexed automatically and matched to their original purchase or work order. Lots of the GL-coding and posting can be automated too. The need to print out invoices gets removed and AP clerks are able to handle 3-5X more volume in the same amount of time.

The list goes on and on. Whether you’re talking about managing driver files, maintenance invoices, factoring, OS&D, or any other paperwork that flows through your office. The process can be streamlined, making life easier for your staff and allowing them to deliver greater value to the business.

Updating Your Toolsupdate1

To get the most out of your drivers, your organization likely spends hours and hours ensuring your fleet is as efficient as it can be within the financial constraints you’re working with.

But when’s the last time you looked into how to make your back-office staff more efficient? Just as OEMs have made strides to make trucks more and more efficient over the past couple decades, software companies have made similar gains when it comes to increasing office productivity.

If you haven’t upgraded your office tools lately, get in touch and we’d be happy to show you what gains can be made.


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