The ROI of an Enterprise Document Management System

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Microdea on Dec 11 2020

The ROI of an Enterprise Document Management System

Is it worth investing in an enterprise document management system

Absolutely! We've spent more than twenty years working with trucking companies helping them improve efficiency through software automation. With nearly 500 companies in North America, and around the world, who rely on our Synergize, we know just how much good the right software can do.

However, many operations are still concerned about how long it will take them to see a return on their software investment.  This is perfectly understandable. Times are tough, budgets are tight, and you need to plan your spending carefully.  

Fortunately, it's easy to see how an enterprise document management system can quickly pay for itself.  In fact, our average customer sees a positive ROI in six months or less! 

There are numerous ways that document automation software can reduce costs and improve cash flow, making it easy to see a fast ROI.

Three Big Ways An Enterprise Document Management System Can Pay For Itself

1 - Fewer missing documents or data errors

One of the primary tasks for an enterprise document management system is automating and speeding up the process of archiving documents and data. Everything is stored electronically in a central location. So no documents are ever lost. Nor will anyone have to spend hours rummaging through old boxes looking for old paperwork.  

With all the documentation in place, and containing fewer errors, you don't have to worry about revenue being delayed - or lost - due to missing paperwork. 

2 - Reduced labor costs

Automation software is all about taking jobs that are difficult, tedious, or time-consuming for humans and doing them quickly via computer. With the right enterprise document management system, your workers will spend far less time on matters such as data entry, paperwork filing, and other tedious tasks. It can handle these jobs so quickly, that you'll be able to expand your operations without having to expand your workforce.

In the meantime, the workers in your office can focus on more important jobs, and work that's better suited for people. 

3 - Going paperless brings big savings

You might not think much about the cost of a single staple on a set of documents, or a single stamp on an envelope, but those costs add up over the course of months and years. Paperless processes will significantly reduce the operational costs of your back office. 

Better yet, they'll help you reclaim space in your office. With less need for filing cabinets, shelves, and other paper storage solutions, you can put that space to more productive use instead.

In short, there's a reason that hundreds of trucking companies, large and small, rely on Microdea's enterprise document management systems.  To see our products in action, just contact us for a free demo!

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