The Billing Choke Point

Doron Schweitzer 2020-01-23 14:21:00
Doron Schweitzer on Jan 23 2020

Transportation companies call me when they have a billing problem.

That problem is simple. Their ability to deliver loads is increasing faster than their ability to invoice customers for those loads.

In graph form, it looks like this:


As a freight carrier or broker grows, they hit a choke point where they literally can’t get invoices out the door fast enough.

Now, one solution to this problem is to keep hiring more people to print, scan, sort, index and organize billing documents. But this fix is short-term, expensive, and hurts profitability. To make more money, transportation companies need to find economies of scale as they grow larger.

That’s why I recommend a second, better solution to this problem, which is to automate parts of the billing process.

That could mean using a mobile capture app like Origin to capture documents at the point of delivery and immediately start the billing process back at the office.

It could mean automating the indexing and checking in of documents. It could mean using barcodes, OCR, or TMS integrations to automate manual data entry. It could mean automating the creation and sending of electronic invoice packages.

Usually it involves some combination of all of the above, but it always leads to the same outcome: the ability to send more invoices in less time. Using our software, companies are able to send at least 3X more invoices in less time without hiring any new office staff.

Document management software relieves the choke point, so that the graph looks like this:


The result is faster billing, better cash flow, increased efficiency, and greater profitability.

If your transportation company is growing, give me a call. I can relieve the billing choke point you’ll inevitably hit and help you make more money in the process.


Try Origin today. First 30 days or 1,000 loads are free.


Doron Schweitzer

Doron Schweitzer is an Account Executive at Microdea who loves using technology to help transportation companies drive growth and find paths to greater profitability. In his spare time, he runs long distances, plays all the good video games, and rants about issues he cares about.

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