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Take Advantage Of Innovations That Improve Driver Experience

Microdea 2018-03-07 11:08:23
Microdea on Mar 07 2018

In their endless drive to cut costs and boost outcomes, shipping companies wisely invest in new technology. Every innovation that can save fuel, protect inventory, or get trucks to their destinations faster has the potential to dramatically improve a firm’s bottom line. As a result, carriers are constantly on the lookout for new devices they can use, whether on their trucks, at their headquarters, or in any other part of their business.

As a carrier seeking to improve your company with new technology, don’t overlook one of the most important resources you have: your workers. Drivers and other employees can benefit immensely from some of the latest new programs and devices. With the right investments, you can help them to do their jobs more safely and effectively while improving their daily working experiences. This will cause them to feel more loyal and grateful toward your company, leading to marked improvements in driver recruitment, retention, and engagement.

Apps & Attributes to Improve the Trucking Experience

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve drivers’ experiences is to invest in apps and other mobile technologies for them to use. Most of your drivers already own a smartphone, so they’ll have no trouble accessing trucking apps like:

  • Navigation Services- While you likely plan your routes out ahead of time, drivers often need to find new ones when the roads they planned on taking become closed or congested. With advanced navigation apps, they can find new routes immediately after the existing ones prove impassable. This removes uncertainty from the job and cuts down the amount of time your employees have to sit in traffic.
  • Resource Reviews- Apps like Fuelbook and GasBuddy research gas stations along each route, comparing their prices and highlighting the ones that are most affordable and accessible. Truckers can use these apps to cut down on both the time it takes to get fuel and the amount of money they spend on it. Investing in these apps thus saves you money and speeds up your deliveries while making drivers’ experiences more convenient.
  • Amenities Booking- TruckSmart and other apps like it help your drivers find parking lots, showering facilities, and other amenities along their routes. They can then book them hours or even days ahead of time, meaning they will have a spot reserved and won’t need to wait in line.
  • Resource Identification- Modern apps find truck stops, convenience stores, and a range of other resources that drivers will need on the route. As with fuel apps, they can highlight the ones that are easiest for your drivers to reach, meaning they won’t have to go out of their way to get to them. Truckers will thus have no trouble getting enough rest, food, and everything else they need while on the way.
  • Nutrition Trackers- Truckers want to eat healthy just like everyone else, but that isn’t easy when their only options are fast food. Nutrition tracking apps can count the number of calories, vitamins, and nutrients that a driver consumes on each trip. This makes it easier for them to get all the sustenance they need without overeating.

Besides apps, make sure to invest in Bluetooth and voice command services for your trucks. You don’t want drivers looking away from the road to use these services. You should also consider outfitting your trucks with their own Internet connections, especially if they’ll be passing through areas where cellular service is limited. The easier it is for truckers to access the web, the more they’ll get out of trucking apps.

Tech Outside the Truck

Technology that improves truckers’ lives is by no means limited to mobile apps, or even to devices you install in the truck beds themselves. You can also give them better experiences through investments you make in your headquarters. With the right tech, you can manage truckers’ routes more effectively, saving them time and making their work more convenient.

Among the most important improvements you can make is to invest in quality tracking technology. Such devices keep an eye on where your trucks are at all times while offering precise estimates of when they will arrive at their destination. Shipping companies often buy tracking technology so they can give customers updates and speed up their trucks. But these devices also improve truckers’ lives. By tracking each truck and looking ahead to see if there are any obstacles, closed roads, or weather issues, you can steer your drivers around the most common sources of delay. In this way, you prevent truckers from having to sit in traffic, eliminating one of the most common sources of frustration in this line of work.

Besides tracking devices, consider investing in 3D mapping for your trucking operations. These maps will give you a sense of the topography at the destinations and anywhere else your trucks need to stop. You can thus determine ahead of time whether your drivers will need any specialized equipment to load, unload, or secure their cargo when they arrive, and provide this equipment accordingly. As a result, your drivers will never get to their destination only to find that they have no way of getting their inventory inside.

Microdea offers insight into all the technologies and methods you can use to improve your truckers’ experiences. For more information on raising driver retention, recruitment, and satisfaction, visit our website today.

Additionally, check out our demo on using driver recruitment software to streamline your driver application, validation and hiring processes.

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