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Signs It's Time to Update Your Driver Recruiting Process

Microdea 2017-06-05 08:00:00
Microdea on Jun 05 2017

High driver turnover and the high cost of acquiring new drivers remain a top issue for the trucking industry. Your goal is to provide your company with a steady stream of qualified, interested drivers, but if you're relying on manual and paper-based processes, you could be slowing things down and missing out on the best drivers. 

Driver recruiting software helps automate your recruiting process and helps you find the right drivers quickly, saves you time on labor and time-intensive tasks and creates a better experience for the drivers.

Here are the signs that it's time to automate your driver recruiting process

1. Your Application Process Isn't Driver Friendly

Most trucking companies rely on a job application process that is counter intuitive and not optimized for drivers. Typically, applications are sent in via mail, email, fax or dropped off in person at terminals. Drivers spend most of their day on the road and need to be able to apply for jobs on their mobile devices and tablets quickly and easily. If you're relying on these paper-based applications, you risk that the driver won't complete their applications, or worse, not apply at all.

Driver recruiting software includes an intuitive, mobile-optimized application form that allows drivers to complete applications using their phones or other mobile devices. These forms also allow drivers to save their applications and receive email reminders to continue their applications at a later date.

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2. You Aren't Able to See Where Your Best Hires Are Coming From

Do you know the ROI of your recruiting efforts? With traditional recruiting methods, it’s nearly impossible to measure your return on investment. You place ads or post to job boards, but it’s often difficult to attribute that ad to an actual application.

Truck driver recruiting software allows you to track the lead source of your applications so that you can better understand where your best applicants (and hires) are coming from. When you are armed with that knowledge, you can stop wasting money on recruiting methods that aren't yielding the best results and continue to invest in the ones that are.

3. You Miss Steps in the Driver Verification Process

Driver verifications are an important step in vetting drivers, but if it’s not done quick enough, it can actually cause you to miss out on the best drivers. In a paper-based environment, recruiters can spend many hours faxing, filing, and calling other carriers to complete driver verifications. This leads to a process that isn't standardized, missed steps, and makes your whole process hard to scale.

Driver recruiting software comes with a workflow portion that helps streamline and standardize the employment verification process. This ensures consistency in the process, reduces burden on your recruiters, makes sure no steps are missed.

4. You Are Manually Entering Drivers in Your TMS

Once a driver accepts your offer, you need to start entering the driver file with the appropriate documents into your transportation management system (TMS). This typically involves re-keying the same data or scanning documents--a time consuming and manual effort.

A driver recruiting software will automate this process by creating a driver file with all of the related information and documents obtained during the hiring process. This package can then be exported to your transportation management system for easier driver management. There is no need for re-entering or scanning of this information, saving your team countless hours and eliminating the need to print, scan and copy documents.

See how driver recruiting software can help your business: check out the product demo video and see it in action.

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