Why Sending Trip Documents Through Email Causes Problems

Fion Trinh 2019-09-12 14:47:00
Fion Trinh on Sep 12 2019

Now that most drivers have smartphones, you might think getting documents back to the office is quick and easy. In theory, drivers just open the camera, snap a picture, attach to an email. Done.

But in practice this creates problems.

  1. File sizes are huge, which makes them expensive to store and uses a lot of data.
  2. Image quality is poor, which makes them hard to read and work with.
  3. Office staff have to manually download and sort through the attached documents, which wastes time.
  4. And it makes life harder for drivers, who have to enter information and go through a bunch of steps.

The Better Way 

Using an application like Origin is a better solution for getting documents back to the office because the app:

  1. Makes it easier to take good quality pictures.
  2. Makes the file sizes as small as possible automatically.
  3. Reduces the number of steps a driver has to go through.
  4. Makes images easy to work with for office staff.

Whether you’re talking about getting signed PODs back for immediate billing, or customs documents sent back and forth for validation and border crossing, Origin can streamline the process, saving time, reducing costs, and making life easier for everyone involved.


Try Origin today. First 30 days or 1,000 loads are free.


Fion Trinh

Fion Trinh is an Account Executive at Microdea who has a passion for uncovering pain and demonstrating value. When she's not hustling to source business, she enjoys playing floor hockey, crushing it at the driving range, and winning at board games.

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