Introducing Paperless PODs: The Fastest, Safest Way to Complete Contactless Deliveries

Microdea 2020-09-15 00:02:15
Microdea on Sep 15 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, trucking companies need a way for drivers to deliver loads without social contact, while still getting proof of delivery.

The solution needs to be paperless and eliminate the passing of any pen, phone or tablet. It needs to prevent any disputes about who received what freight when. And it needs to make good business sense, increasing efficiency and accelerating the flow of information.

Carriers are quickly moving to paperless solutions.

According to a recent poll of carriers conducted during a FreightWaves webinar, 68% of trucking companies are still passing paper documents when dropping off freight. But change is happening fast.

75% of trucking companies are either on their way to a contactless solution or actively evaluating the business benefits of adopting a solution. Only 4% anticipate not adopting a paperless solution in the near future.

Shippers are eager to protect their dock workers, too, so now is the time to adopt a new solution and put a better process in place. 

Introducing Paperless PODs

Call it a digital proof of delivery. Or an E-POD. Whatever word you want to use, here’s how it works.

Drivers receive load info on their phones. No need to interact with head office staff.

When dropping off, drivers tap “Add POD” on their phone, creating a digital POD automatically stamped with the time and GPS location.

They then snap a picture of the consignee or receiver and type in their name and any other info about detention or OS&D.

Back at the office, staff receive the digital POD moments later.

No need to decipher an impossible-to-read signature. No need to index the POD. It automatically arrives matched under the correct load number, ready for immediate invoicing.

Paperless PODs are faster, safer and more efficient.

The pandemic has created a great deal of hardship, especially for those in the supply chain who can’t work from home. There’s an urgent need to make sure drivers can make deliveries without social contact. 

Adopting a paperless POD solution leverages the smartphones drivers have in their pockets and allows them to complete paperwork from the safety of their cab, eliminating any unnecessary contact with dock workers and office staff. 

Beyond safety, there’s also a need to ensure your trucking company is operating as efficiently as possible. The pandemic is accelerating change in the industry and companies are adopting digital solutions at a rapid pace. 

To stay competitive, you need to adopt solutions that automate and accelerate the flow of information. With a paperless POD solution in place, drivers don't have to type in load numbers and staff don't have to index documents. Invoices can be sent just moments after loads get delivered. 

Safer and easier for your employees. Faster cash flow for your business. Now is the time to make your process paperless. It’s good for drivers and for the business.


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