Why Owners Who Don’t Value Document Management Are Hurting Their Business

Steele Roddick 2019-11-04 11:35:00
Steele Roddick on Nov 04 2019

There are transportation companies run by owners and executives who value document management and ones that aren’t.

The ones that value document management:saving-money-and-better-business-relationships

  • Save money every day
  • Can grow volume without hiring more admin staff
  • Have the lowest Days Sales Outstanding numbers in the industry
  • Measure time-to-bill in minutes, not days
  • Have billers who can handle 3X more volume
  • Don’t need to rely on factoring
  • Have better relationships with their business partners
  • Enjoy better asset utilization
  • Don’t have unbilled revenue
  • Know exactly where they stand financially
  • Can respond to customer requests for documents in seconds
  • Run better operating ratios
  • Can be audited without disruption
  • Grow faster
  • Are well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities

Transportation companies that value document management make more money.

The ones that don’t:losing-money-and-pull-out-hair

  • Bleed money every day
  • Can’t grow volume without hiring more admin staff
  • Have the highest Days Sales Outstanding numbers in the industry
  • Likely don’t measure time-to-bill
  • Have billers who can’t keep up
  • Have a greater need for factoring
  • Are constantly handling mistakes and errors with their business partners
  • Have trucks sitting in the yard because the paperwork isn’t done
  • Don’t want to talk about their unbilled revenue problems
  • Aren’t sure where they stand financially
  • Can’t respond to customer requests for documents quickly
  • Run worse operating ratios
  • Want to pull their hair out when getting audited
  • Grow slower
  • Miss opportunities

Transportation companies that don’t value document management make less money.

You either value document management, or you don’t.

Which group do you want to belong to?

Even if you’re not interested in buying, we want to help you understand the value of good document management because it matters to your business, our industry, and the people we serve.

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