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How to Streamline and Automate Your Driver Recruitment Process

Microdea 2017-08-08 08:00:00
Microdea on Aug 08 2017

Recruiting, hiring and retaining enough skilled commercial truck drivers is one of the biggest challenges being faced today in the transportation industry. Given the high turnover rates, losing your truck drivers becomes inevitable and there’s a significant cost that comes with finding prospects to fill the candidate pipeline. Finding the right candidate can be difficult, expensive, and quite often a time-consuming process.

The Challenge of a Manual, Paper-Based Driver Recruiting Process

Most trucking companies rely on a job application process that is counter-intuitive and not optimized for drivers. Typically, job applications are sent in via mail, email, fax or dropped off in person at terminals. There are lot of problems with this process. Drivers spend most of their day on the road and need to be able to apply for jobs as quickly and easily as possible. With this process, you’re asking drivers to print, fill in, scan and email the application from the road. You run the risk that drivers won't complete their applications, or worse, not apply at all.

After receiving the application forms, the driver verification process occurs, if it’s not done quickly, it can actually cause you to miss out on the best drivers. In the case of a paper-based environment, recruiters can spend many hours faxing, filing, and calling to complete verifications. This leads to a process that isn't standardized causing missed steps and hours spent on an inefficient process.

Your goal is to provide your company with a steady stream of qualified, interested drivers, but if you're relying on a manual and paper-based processes, you could be missing out on the best drivers.

Why You Should Use Driver Recruiting Software?

Replacing those repetitive and labor-intensive tasks associated with the recruiting process with an automated driver recruiting process can help you find the right drivers quickly and create a better experience for the drivers.

By collecting applicant’s information online, compiling and standardizing relevant qualifications, and electronically routing driver candidate documents to the appropriate recruiters for review and approval, you can ensure consistency in the process, reduce burden on your recruiters, makes sure no steps are missed.

Once a driver accepts your offer, the driver recruiting system automatically creates a driver file with all the related information and documents. There is no need for re-entering or scanning of this information, saving you the effort of printing, scanning and copying documents.

With the Synergize Driver Recruitment Portal, recruiters can track applicants progress
and number of applications through the driver recruiter’s dashboard.

Using an automated Driver Recruitment solution allows your team to:

  • Create an intuitive and mobile optimized driver application form
  • Collect and store applicant information easily accessible in a single place
  • Compile and validate qualifications against hiring criteria
  • Track the lead source of your applicants and optimize your advertising spend
  • Route driver candidate documents to the appropriate recruiters for review and approval
  • Store documents within your document management system so that they are accessible by staff anywhere and at anytime

How Will Using an Automated Driver Recruiting Process Benefit You?

By using driver recruiting software, your organization can:

  • Speed up and standardize the driver recruitment process according to your best practices
  • Improve efficiency and compliance reporting allows recruiters to manage greater numbers of applicants
  • Reduce administrative overhead, decrease labor costs and the time required to recover the initial investment in a driver
  • Streamline and standardize the employment verification process
  • Save countless hours and eliminating the need to print, scan and copy documents
  • Increase visibility of bottlenecks in the driver recruitment process

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