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4 Ways Synergize Can Help You Capture Documents Faster

Microdea 2018-07-19 13:00:00
Microdea on Jul 19 2018

Whether it’s the start of a new life, a new job or a new project, beginnings are important.

That’s why when it comes to better managing your documents, capturing them in the most efficient way possible is essential. Capture is the beginning, so it’s worth getting right.

Whether it’s through email, an FTP site, a third-party application, or good old-fashioned snail mail, documents can enter your business in a variety of ways. Synergize (our imaging system) can ensure that when they do, they go to the right places and the right people - automatically.

In this video, Jay explains a little bit about how that magic happens.


Or if you’d prefer to read rather than watch, you can take a look through the full transcript below:

Hello everyone! My name is Jay Dhoat and today’s video is about Capturing Documents with Synergize.

As we know in the transportation industry, documents come to us in a variety of different forms. Some documents will come to you as physical pieces of paper, others will come through email, some through FTP sites, or others can come to us through third-party applications. With Synergize, we can ingest all those different forms of documentation and the goal of Synergize is to make the capture of documents as smooth as possible.

When you have emails sent to you, we have the ability, with Synergize, to capture the attached image, typically documentation such as BOLs and PODs, as well as the body of that email directly into Synergize

Furthermore, through the subject line, we have the ability to automatically index both the attached documents as well as the body of the email with a key indexing field as set out in your subject line. This makes it so that your team no longer has to do manual repetitive indexing, and we can relate both those documents directly to that key indexing field in your TMS and in Synergize.

Along with emails, customers of ours still receive physical pieces of papers. That could be physical BOLs or PODs. How we address that with Synergize is you can actually scan those physical pieces of paper using your multi-function devices such as your Xerox machines, or your Canon machines.

Once you scan those physical pieces of paper, they would be thrown to a network folder on your network and Synergize actually reads that network folder and can present those scanned images to your indexing team to start the indexing process.

When it comes to FTP sites, Synergize goes into the folder and grabs the files out of the FTP site and presents it to your team. Further, Synergize has the ability to automatically index all those files that we received from the FTP site against key indexing fields, such as BOLs, POD number, customer ID. What this means for your team is we take away the burden of manual repetitive indexing.

Having worked in the transportation industry for over 23 years now, Microdea has garnished some strong partnerships with third party applications. Third party applications such as Transflo, Drive Axle or Omnitracs, integrate seamlessly with Synergize and Microdea and provide yet another avenue for you all to automatically capture and index all your key documents.

This has been Jay Dhoat with Microdea and Synergize. Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you at our next video.


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