How Carriers Are Billing Faster, Saving Money and Driving Growth

Steele Roddick 2020-06-11 17:44:37
Steele Roddick on Jun 11 2020

As trucking companies continue to navigate the new normal, they're figuring out how to balance the urgent needs of today with the long-standing issues of tomorrow. 

In the short term, carriers are figuring out how to: 

  1. Keep drivers safe by allowing them to submit paperwork from the comfort of their cab
  2. Facilitate remote work for office staff 
  3. Make more processes paperless from end-to-end

In the longer term, carriers are facing three never-ending challenges of: 

  1. Slow Cash Flow (it can take 50+ days to get paid)
  2. Thin Margins (average margins are less than 4% across the industry) 
  3. Inability to Scale (90% of carriers have 6 trucks or fewer) 

A place many carriers are starting is with billing automation because it helps them meet both the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow. With the added pressure of an economic downturn, carriers need to figure out how they’re going to keep cash flowing, their costs in check, and their revenue headed in the right direction. 

That's why figuring out how to make billing a safe, completely paperless, fully remote process is becoming a top priority. It's also why we created the Complete Guide to Billing Automation for Carriers

This guide will help you figure out how to put the right systems in place so that drivers can submit paperwork easily from their phone, office staff can access documents from anywhere, and billing can be automated from end-to-end. 

Making these changes can produce real ROI in terms of time saved, faster cash flow, and greater operational efficiency, which will in turn allow you to accelerate growth. 

Right now, trucking executives are making the strategic technology decisions that will determine whether they go the way of Blockbuster or Netflix, Sears or Amazon. In tough times, strategic decisions need to be made. 

Yet, even at the best of times, technological transformation can be hard to navigate. It can be easy to get lost and waste precious time and money. The margin for error is small. 

This guide can help you drive real cost savings and immediate efficiency gains. It can help you survive today and thrive tomorrow. 

Microdea has helped hundreds of trucking and logistics companies bill faster, save money and drive growth. Find out how we can help you too. 

Download how carriers can increase cash-flow, widen margins and accelerate growth

Steele Roddick

Steele Roddick is a Content Specialist at Microdea where he creates content that helps transportation companies drive their business forward. He’s endlessly fascinated by technology trends, chess, and discovering new places to travel with his wife.

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