How a Document Management App Can Help Keep Drivers Safe

Microdea 2020-11-17 17:01:59
Microdea on Nov 17 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves around the world, and the transportation and logistics industry is no exception. Many trucking companies were caught unprepared, without systems in place to help protect their drivers and allow them to drop off loads and capture documents without interacting with other people. Many are still handling transactions on paper today. 

But to stay safe, drivers need ways to complete their job without exposing themselves - or others - to potential harm.  Fortunately, a document management app allows entirely paperless delivery with electronic Proof-of-Delivery (ePOD).  From initial load info to final delivery, your drivers can be protected.

4 Big Ways A Document Management App Can Help Protect Your Drivers

1 - Never leave the cab

Isolation is paramount to preventing the spread of disease, which is exactly what ePOD systems allow. Your driver can receive and submit all necessary paperwork from the comfort of their cab, using the smartphone they're already carrying with them. This eliminates any need to use physical paperwork, reducing contact with others, as well as preventing the paper itself from becoming a medium for disease transmission.

2 - Protect dock workers and receivers

Of course, stopping the spread of disease is about more than just the drivers. Everyone needs to be kept safe, and our document management app can assist with that as well.  Receivers and other dock workers won't have to come into direct contact with the driver, reducing their own risk of catching or spreading disease.

3 - Fewer stops while on the road

Document management apps can also help reduce the number of stops a driver has to make while on the road, such as never having to make use of scanners at truck stops. This helps to further lower the risks drivers must face. It also improves performance and efficiency year-round, even once we're less concerned about disease transmission. .

4 - Instant transmission back to the home office

Once the job is done, you don't have to wait for your driver to physically bring any paperwork back to you. The ePOD is instantly sent back to the office, bringing you confirmation of delivery within seconds of official acceptance. Yet another way that a document management app improves efficiency while keeping your drivers safe.

Microdea Brings The Future Of Driver Management

For decades our team of experts has been helping trucking and logistics companies make their processes more efficient. Our document management app is designed to meet the needs of transportation companies and their drivers today, and into the future. To request a demo, just click here!

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