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Fuel Efficiency Features: How Adopting Advanced Trucking Software Saves Fuel

Microdea 2018-01-09 11:40:41
Microdea on Jan 09 2018

When it comes to the trucking industry, efficiency is the name of the game. Think about it. Nearly every single thing on the store shelves, in homes, things we use every day spent at least some portion of its life on a truck. That’s a lot of trucks – and those trucks stay busy. So when an opportunity is presented that promises to save time, save gas, or, the big one, save money, that gets people’s attention. The right trucking software can do all that and more.

Trucks: The Big Picture

There are an around 1,900,000 semi trucks on U.S. roads today and there are 5.6 million semi trailers. That’s almost three trailers to one semi. Within a single year each semi will travel an average of 45,000 miles, moving those trailers from place to place, customer to customer. That’s a lot of driving and when you consider that these trucks get roughly 6 miles per gallon of diesel, that’s a lot of fuel costs. When any tool can be introduced that will help save fuel, thus reducing fuel costs, it is worth considering. Advanced trucking software has the capability to do just that – and in some of the most surprising places.

No More Doubling Back

Miscommunication happens, but it should be very rare. Lack of organization can leave a driver with little or no direction – and miscommunication. This can lead to a lot of back tracking or deadheading for miles. When you use an advanced trucking software that keeps everything on the cloud, you are better equipped to quickly and efficiently communicate with customers, share information, and facilitate faster decision making. This means your drivers can drop their load at point A, move on to Point B to pick up, and get on down the road.

It also means no more doubling back because a driver forgot to give a customer their invoice or important paperwork. In fact, it makes paper invoices obsolete. When everything is done electronically it takes the bulk of the paperwork out of the driver’s hands – they have enough to worry about anyway.

Minimized Idling

Delayed decisions means delayed drivers. When lines get crossed and a customer isn’t ready or has additional needs, it brings that truck to a grinding halt. A delayed driver isn’t making money, but while he isn’t moving, he is on site and is likely idling – and that uses a lot of fuel. It’s one thing when the driver is off duty, sleeping or resting, and the truck is idling. A delayed truck that is idling is a completely different story.

In some cases, the driver may be able to shift his schedule so that the delay falls in his off time, but that isn’t likely. What usually happens is an idling truck, on duty, wasting fuel. A good trucking software allows for more effective, efficient communication so that customer can get the information they need quickly in order to make fast decisions and avoid delays.

Remote Monitoring

Often trucks are out for weeks at a time before they make it back to the yard. If all the truck maintenance files are paper and stored at your facility or an off-site location, they may not realize that it is time to check the systems or do routine maintenance that extends beyond the pre-trip and post trip checks. For instance, tires that are not properly inflated can have a significant effect on fuel economy.

Keeping those records on the cloud, means that drivers always have access to the information that they need. Some systems will allow the driver to set up alerts. This also allows them to get maintenance while on the road because all warranty documents can be uploaded as well. Everything they need is right at their fingertips.

Access to Safer, More Efficient Routes

Some areas of the country are simply not truck friendly. There are roads that are too narrow, inclines that are too steep, and unpredictable weather that can make roads impassable. Instead of leaving the driver to stop and figure out what alternate routes he can take, dispatch can do the searching for him and upload the new route information to the cloud. They can even screen shot maps, road conditions, topographical views of an area, the possibilities are endless.

If a driver is out and there is an unexpected storm with flooding roads or downed trees, dispatch can find an alternate route beforehand and guide the driver around the hazards. This means that he will not get on a road only to realize it is blocked or that he can’t get through a certain area and then have to double back to get out and get around it. These things cost time and fuel, but if dispatch is staying ahead of the game and transmitting information to help avoid the situation, then he can just keep on trucking.

When your bottom line is riding on eighteen wheels, you don’t have time to play around. You need serious trucking software that delivers serious results. At Microdea we understand how much is riding on the trucks you have on the road and we have developed cutting edge tools that will streamline your back office processes and minimize inefficiencies similar to how dispatch software does this for your trucks on the road. When you bring us on board we will transform your operation, saving you time and money. We specialize in business process automation and document management specifically for the transportation industry. Contact us today and let us show you how you can save big and profit bigger.

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