Freight News in Cartoons: July 29th Edition

Steele Roddick 2019-07-31 16:29:03
Steele Roddick on Jul 31 2019

In this week’s edition, ecommerce continues to rise, platooning technology gets road tested, and good technicians get grown at home. To get future editions of Freight News in Cartoons sent directly to your inbox, subscribe here.

The Rise of Ecommerce


Ecommerce sales continue to grow at double digit rates, hitting $137.7 billion in the first quarter of 2019 and accounting for over 10% of all retail sales in the US. The impacts of this megatrend continue to be far reaching.

Amazon is now offering free one-day shipping to Prime members on over 10 million items and now delivers 26% of its online orders through its own logistics network (though estimates vary). UPS recently announced that they’ll be expanding their services to include Sundays, broadening their network of access points, and forming a new commercial drone unit.

Rick Stein, the head of an urban planning firm called the Urban Decision Group, recently claimed that “eventually, things like one-day delivery is going to be an outmoded concept, with one-hour delivery being the norm,” In this interview, he goes on to talk about reimagining retail space: “Taking the example of Walmart, a 100,000-square foot store currently is 80 percent aisles and 20 percent storage. But if we flip that and make it 80 percent storage and 20 percent aisle space, the traditional retail space will effectively be turned into the origin nodes of last-mile delivery.”

Is that a convoy?


Peloton Trucking recently unveiled their Level 4 autonomous vision, which would effectively double a truck driver’s productivity by allowing them to drive two trucks in a platoon. They claim that this approach to automation is far simpler than trying to create a completely driverless truck and their Level 1 PlatoonPro system is already in use, helping fleets save 7% on fuel.

On the electric front, Volvo and Samsung are teaming up to develop electric batteries for trucks. On the connected front, Fleet Owner offered some perspective on how Over-the-Air programming is changing fleet maintenance. And finally, on the autonomous front, Paul Menig offered his thoughts on how autonomous driving technology will continue to evolve.

Putting the Grown in Homegrown


Finally, a quick roundup of other notable links from the past couple weeks:

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