How Chris Helms Transportation Put $90k in the Bank

Microdea 2020-01-23 14:24:00
Microdea on Jan 23 2020

Chris Helms Transportation, an asset-based flatbed carrier operating out of beautiful Houghton Lake Michigan on M-55, needed a way to get documents back to the office faster.

It was taking drivers up to two weeks to drop off documents, which was slowing down billing. On average, it took over 40 days to go from delivering a load to collecting cash from the customer.

That’s what lead them to take a look at Origin, a cloud-based document management solution with a mobile capture app that allows drivers to send documents back to the office right after they drop off a load.

Jordan Straub, who works in IT and Dispatch at Chris Helms, says getting up and running was easy. “The first 5 or 6 drivers we added and I didn’t have to get on the phone with them. I just sent them an email and gave them a heads up with the guide that was provided and they were up and running with Origin no problem.”

Documents now arrive back at the office faster and are all stored in one place. “The smoothness and speed of being able to get all the documents back and arriving organized has cut out hours of work.”

Almost overnight, Chris Helms has managed to cut 8 days off the time it takes to get invoices sent to customers, putting over $90,000 in the bank that can be reinvested in the business.

Drivers are happier because they no longer have to drop off paperwork at the office and aren’t getting hassled for late or missing documents, and the billing staff is happier because preparing invoices is faster and easier than ever.


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