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Why Owners Need to Care About Driver File Management

Kevin Fernandes 2019-04-08 15:37:50
Kevin Fernandes on Apr 08 2019

Document management and automation software can make your driver file management process better, cheaper, faster.

Creating driver files. Keeping drivers’ licenses, insurance information, and medical cards up-to-date. Notifying drivers when something is about to expire. These are all manual tasks that are boring, time-consuming, and easy to mess up. Software can do them better.

The Costs of Poor Driver File Managementmanual-driver-files

When you hear that, the first question that might pop into your head is: What’s wrong with how we’re doing it now?

Manually handling driver files leads to:

  • Wasted time (HR and administrative staff have more important things to do than update dates)
  • More errors (paperwork robots don’t miss deadlines or enter the wrong number)
  • Worse utilization (if a driver can’t work due to a missed expiry)
  • Worse driver retention (if the process is too cumbersome and annoying)
  • Security issues (anyone can look in the cabinet)

Just because the job currently gets done, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way.

The Better Waynotification-expiries

All driver-related documents can be stored in an electronic filing cabinet. This step alone eliminates a lot of the paper and storage costs, and allows you to put security controls in place so that documents are only visible to the correct people (ie. drivers can only see their documents and no one else's).

The second step is to automate and integrate:

  • All notifications of expiries can be emailed out automatically in advance (to the driver, their immediate supervisor, and/or anyone else who might need to be made aware)
  • All expiry dates can be updated automatically when new documents are received
  • All relevant documents can be associated with the Driver Profile page in your TMS, where they can be easily reviewed (instead of having to go searching every time)

The Upsides of Automationsave-time-money

The benefits of automating the process of keeping driver files up-to-date are clear:

  • Save time and money
  • Avoid missed expiries and data entry errors
  • Smoother relationships with drivers
  • Easier to find documents
  • Stronger security

With a small investment, you can automate a massive amount of manual work. You can use document management and automation software to make your driver file management process better, cheaper, faster. So do that.

If you’re interested in making your other back-office processes better, cheaper, faster, check out this post.


Kevin Fernandes

Kevin Fernandes is the Senior Solutions Architect at Microdea, a leading document management software for transportation and logistics companies and one of the fastest growing 500 companies in Canada.

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