5 Reasons Enterprise Transportation Companies Need Synergize

Jay Dhoat 2019-06-24 11:54:12
Jay Dhoat on Jun 24 2019

I sell document management and back-office automation software to enterprise transportation companies.

I’d like to believe I do so with my wit and charm alone but, in truth, enterprises buy and implement Synergize for the same reason any company buys any piece of software—it solves a real business need.

In working with over a third of the largest carriers and logistics companies in North America, these are the most common needs I’ve come across.

1. A need to control costs and consciously plan headcountheadcount

As load volume grows, so does the amount of paperwork. At some point, this becomes unsustainable for office staff to keep up with.

Synergize solves this problem by making office staff 3-5X more productive. I’ve seen companies triple or quadruple in size without adding headcount to their billing team. The same gains can be made in AP by leveraging technologies like OCR, Inbox Monitoring, and workflow.

Greater automation unlocks the keys to the productivity kingdom, which keeps costs and headcount in check.

2. A need to go paperless and control processpaperless-control-process

Paper creates bottlenecks, inefficiency and unnecessary costs. It gets lost. It’s expensive to store. Audits are a nightmare. You never know where anything is and you have no ability to control the flow of work.

Synergize allows companies to go paperless by creating digital documents upstream, better connecting systems and automating workflows, so that nothing needs to be printed out and scanned back in.

The big benefit of workflow automation is that it’s easier to oversee and control the flow of paperwork. The result is a more efficient process that leads to fewer errors.

3. A need to better connect disparate systemsConnect-systems

As organizations grow and evolve over time, more and more systems get added. The result can easily become an inefficient Frankenstein where your TMS doesn’t talk to your Enterprise Resource Planning system and your maintenance or warehousing system doesn’t integrate with your existing homegrown solutions.

Synergize has easy-to-work-with APIs that allow you to better connect your systems and automate the flow of information from one system to another. It connects email, mobile capture apps, scanners and hot folders with your TMS and your accounting system. It pushes and pulls information to reduce indexing, eliminate duplicate data entry and minimize manual steps.

Synergize fills in the gaps so that people don’t have to. Think of it like the base layer of your IT systems. Like the plumbing. Not sexy, but necessary.

4. A need for one source of truthconnect-system

Enterprises refer to Synergize as their hyper-organizer. It often becomes one of their systems of record.

In large companies with offices and people sprawled across the continent, you can’t have multiple, conflicting versions of documents. You need one source of truth. Synergize is that source.

5. A need to make more data-driven decisionsdata-driven

Enterprises need to know exactly where they stand financially. They need predictable cash flow, with a clear understanding of their time-to-bill and Days Sales Outstanding. They need tight controls on spending and to know exactly where they are with all their payables.

Without a document management system like Synergize, it’s nearly impossible to have clear visibility into everything you need to know to make sound, data-driven decisions.


Enterprise transportation companies need one source of truth, connected systems, paperless processes, controlled costs and data-driven decision making.

When they do, they enjoy greater profitability and faster growth.

That’s why enterprise transportation companies need Synergize.

Now all you need to do is call me.


Jay Dhoat

Jay is an Enterprise Account Executive who works with organizations to improve their processes through business process automation consulting. Jay most often works with Finance, Operations and IT executives to better understand their departmental workflows and see how integration with Synergize can drive efficiency to their processes.

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