3 Ways Your Trucking Company Can Save Money with Accounts Receivable Software

Microdea 2020-06-22 11:30:15
Microdea on Jun 22 2020

Saving as much money as you can on overhead costs is essential in this day and age, especially if you own a trucking or logistics company. One great way to keep costs at a minimum and improve efficiency is by investing in reliable accounts receivable (AR) software, like the solutions available from Microdea. Doing so offers a variety of benefits and makes the billing process much easier.

It doesn’t matter if you own a small trucking company or a high-volume logistics firm, our team from Microdea has helped many in the industry improve their accounting and billing procedures. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways our AR software will benefit your company.

1. Reduced Hard Paper Costs

When you invest in accounts receivable solutions, you’ll be able to drastically reduce or eliminate paper costs and other expenses associated with traditional accounting systems. Since all the process will be entirely digital, you’ll no longer need to spend valuable resources on things like printing costs, postage, courier payments, storage services, ink, and paper.

3. Minimal Headcount Costs

Running a large accounts receivable department requires a lot of resources that can be better spent elsewhere, like providing better services and improving customer relationships. Accounts receivable software solutions enable you to minimize headcount costs by automating many of these processes. Instead of hiring more billers as your company grows, you can keep headcount at a minimum while maintaining fast, efficient, error-free billing.

3. Reduced Factoring Costs

Invoice factoring can be an added expense that many transportation and logistics companies can minimize with the right software solutions. Factoring typically costs companies anywhere from 3-10% of the invoice amount, which can quickly add up. However, AR software enables you to improve your cash flow and gradually reduce your need to factor receivables, saving that expense.

Let Microdea improve your accounts receivable department with our innovative software!

Do you want to streamline your accounts receivable process and save money? At Microdea, we can help your company improve its bottom line and make your daily processes more efficient. To learn more about our custom accounts receivable software and other solutions, request a free demo online today!



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