3 Reasons Enterprise Document Management Software is a Must-Have for Trucking Companies

Microdea 2020-12-04 11:05:49
Microdea on Dec 04 2020

Are you looking to grow your trucking company? If so, purchasing enterprise document management software is one of the best investments you can make. Document automation software is one of the tools that separates fast-growing operations from the rest, bringing numerous improvements to your back-office workflows.

We've worked with hundreds of companies across North America, helping them streamline their operations. In every case, few upgrades did more to improve their bottom line than implementing enterprise document management software.

Three Ways Enterprise Document Management Software Improves Your Transportation Company

1 - Accelerating cash flow

With the right document management software, you can automate your accounts receivable from end to end. Invoices and other receivables can be issued in seconds, rather than days—directly speeding up the time it takes to get paid. 

These invoices will be automatically verified, and include all relevant documentation, greatly reducing the chances of mistakes slowing down the process. You can even automate collections, with notices being sent out automatically whenever an outstanding bill goes overdue.

In short, you get your money faster, with less hassle and lower costs. 

2 - Eliminating manual data entry

In a modern office, you should be entering as little data as possible by hand. Preferably none. Manual data entry leads to errors, and those errors end up costing time, money, or both down the line. Even the best human worker makes mistakes, while you’ll see far fewer errors from automated enterprise document management software.

Beyond the time and cost savings, automated data entry also allows you to handle more paperwork with fewer people. You can expand your operations without the need to hire more back office staff. And those you do hire will have more time to do critical tasks, rather than paperwork.

3 - Improving organization and efficiency 

If your staff need to look up a particular document for a job from months back, how long does it take them? If it's more than a couple minutes, that's too long. 

When all paperwork is processed and stored digitally, any document can be found in moments. There's no need to rummage through filing cabinets or warehoused boxes. Everything is a search away.

This sort of easy access to data can easily improve every aspect of your operation. Costs go down, efficiency goes up, and you keep both your clients and your drivers happy. It's a win-win for everyone.

No One Knows Document Management Like Microdea

For over twenty years, we've been a leader in enterprise document management software for trucking and logistics companies. Our Synergize software is used by hundreds of operations around the world, and it can be in your office too.  Contact us for a free demo!

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