3 Processes Trucking Companies Can Automate with Document Workflow Management Software

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Microdea on Nov 25 2020

Trucking companies that are still handling all their paperwork by hand, on actual paper, are going to face an uphill struggle in the years ahead. More and more operations are adopting document workflow management software. These systems lay the foundation to create back-office processes that are faster, less prone to error, and far more efficient than offices where everything is still being done by hand.

Fortunately, document workflow management software continues to become more affordable. If your operation hasn't adopted automation software yet, it's time to start looking into upgrades. By automating and streamlining your important document workflows, you can save money, reduce costs and support growth.

How Document Workflow Management Software Automates Your Most Critical Document Streams

1 - End-to-end automation of Accounts Receivable

The invoices you send out need to be speedy and accurate if you want to reduce the time it takes to get paid for the loads you deliver. Document automation software allows for true end-to-end processing of Accounts Receivable materials. You can capture data and documents from anywhere, while automatically indexing everything. 

Likewise, software can automatically create and send your invoice packages, while ensuring all vital documentation is already attached. The software can even automatically send out reminders for any outstanding receivables, reducing the amount of time your team has to spend on collections.

2 - Eliminate errors in Accounts Payable

The last thing you want is for your accounts payable system to cost you even more money. Which is why automation makes so much sense for payables. Automation systems ensure your payments go out on time, avoiding late fees, and other penalties. The system can also check for errors, verify amounts and GL-code everything to further minimize the chances of data entry errors. 

Plus, everything is documented and reportable. You receive detailed insights into your payables, allowing you greater control over your spending and financial standing.

3 - Manage driver documents without a hitch

The regulations and paperwork surrounding hired drivers grows every year. Can your current document workflow keep up?  Document workflow management software makes it easy to manage and maintain critical driver paperwork, such as their licenses, insurance, and medical records. You can receive alerts if there are any issues, such as upcoming license expirations, keeping your drivers on the road.  

By removing the element of human error, you don't have to worry about mistakes causing personnel issues, which is of paramount importance, given the current driver shortages.

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