Reduce customer payment delays and improve your cash conversion cycle through automating the Accounts Receivable collections process. By automatically generating and distributing payment reminder packages, and by including copies of all supporting documents (such as BOLs and PODs) with a copy of the original invoice, transportation & logistics companies are able to provide their customers with all of the tools required to facilitate expedited payment

Operating at the speed of paper is no longer acceptable. More than ever before, you require easy and instant access to your information in order to make fast and informed decisions. This is what Synergize provides you with: a single platform to store, organize, and instantly retrieve any document within your enterprise. Eliminate your dependence on costly physical document storage, allow authorized employees to instantly access business-critical information, and provide your team with the data redundancy required to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. Given the explosion of corporate data witnessed over the past decade, it has never been more important for companies to control the millions of documents that come into and out of their doors every day.

What Synergize Does for You

Automate the Collections Process

  • Preset and consistent customer notifications save time
  • Automatically email the correct customer contact in your accounting system without any manual intervention

Reduce Customer Payment Delays

  • Automatically generate billing reminder packages
  • Packages include copies of supporting documents, original invoice and a configurable cover message detailing aging or past-due status

Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and Increase Cash Flow

  • Reduce dispute volume and cycle time
  • Reduce bad debt expense

Increase Management Visibility Over the Status of Outstanding Receivables

  • Improve the efficiency and results of your collections team

“We issue 1,500 invoices per month, with five or six pieces of documentation attached as backup with each bill – that’s 9,000 to 10,000 documents that have to be handled each and every month. With Synergize we have saved 6 to 8 hours per week on filing and retrieval, allowing us to re-deploy one part-time staff person. More importantly, we now save half a day on invoice runs that we do twice weekly, saving us eight hours per week.”

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