Big G Express automates processes, scales billing efficiency to reduce average time to bill and transform the way they do business

Mid-sized carrier Big G Express, Inc. is a 100% employee-owned trucking company based in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Since installing Synergize, they have almost doubled the size of their fleet and cut the time to bill by half while adding only one person to their administrative team of eight staff.

logo_Big_G_Express.png“The partnership that we’ve formed with Microdea has been very useful. We almost try to evangelize the system because it has been fantastic for us from a business standpoint. For a programmer to have access to the level of tooling that Synergize provides really does make it easy to be a hero in this business.”

- Josh Threet, Systems Analyst


Business Challenges

Previous document management products used by Big G Express delivered little in the way of flexibility for the handling of invoices, and gave frequent problems in basic invoice distribution functionality. From standalone kiosks to legacy software, over the previous decade they wrestled with products that left them no way to effectively manage the delivery of supporting documents alongside their customers’ invoices, and allowed no customization. 


Since installing Synergize in 2007, Big G Express has automated processes for handling different types of documents as they move from one workflow to another. Synergize Workflow drives their billing process: four separate billing queues group customers by preference for certain supporting documents. Billing documents proceed from the inbox, to indexing, through one of the four billing queues, to the pending billing, and finally to the payroll queue. Payroll-related documents and driver reimbursement-related documents are moved by Synergize through the workflows without the need for an end user to manually handle them. In addition, administrators can send an email directly from within Synergize, further expediting processes.

Separate repositories for Safety, Human Resources, and Accounts Payable each securely house related records, plus they include data look-ups to other systems to validate information and reduce key stroke requirements.

The Synergize Application Program Interface (API) allows in-house programmers to build custom enhancements to further power Big G’s document management capability and meet their specific business requirements.

Future plans include developing an FTP-based delivery system for transferring the customers’ supporting documents directly to them. 


While growing from 250 trucks in 2007 to 467 trucks today, Big G Express has needed to add only one person to their team of eight administrative staff that handles billing and driver payroll. The efficiency boost provided by automating processes with Synergize has meant that the average time from delivery date to bill date has been cut in half, reduced from seven days to three.

Synergize has also helped Big G Express cut costs by providing them with alternate methods of delivering invoices electronically. An invoice that doesn’t have to go by postal mail is one that doesn’t need a stamp or a person to stuff the envelope, a significant cost saving in a business that issues over 350 invoices per day.

The connection for Big G Express has been a clear one: Synergize has helped them to bring down receivables time which improves cash flow, which means that they are able to keep more capital on hand, which contributes to a stable business. This makes for happy drivers that stay with the company, a significant attribute when driver retention is such an issue in the industry.

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Controlling Costs in the Transportation Business

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