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How TRAFFIX Used Synergize to Support Growth and Triple Their Billers’ Throughput

Executive Summary

  • Growing quickly, TRAFFIX needed to put paperless processes in place to keep up with all the paperwork
  • They couldn’t process invoices fast enough to keep up with their ability to deliver loads, which was creating a bottleneck
  • Implemented Synergize to go paperless and increase throughput
  • Billers used to be able to process 40 invoices a day, now they can do over 120
  • Administrative staff working out of multiple locations across North America now have easy access to the documents they need
  • OCR and TruckMate integrations have further streamlined processes and automated more manual work


The Customer

Founded in 1979, TRAFFIX is one of the top three transportation providers in Canada and are in the top 30 in North America. They provide full-service, asset-based third-party logistics solutions anywhere in North America, covering LTL, full truckload and intermodal.

The Opportunity

Three years ago TRAFFIX was planning to scale their organization and knew they needed to put the right processes and systems in place to keep up with all the paperwork.

“To support that rapid growth, we needed to find paperless or other technical solutions that could match it, and Synergize was that product,” said Ann-Marie Devries, Controller at TRAFFIX.

The Challenge

Cash flow is always an issue in the transportation business. At TRAFFIX, manual invoicing was quickly becoming a bottleneck.

TRAFFIX decided to use Synergize when we noticed there was a huge gap between the number of orders we could book on a single day and the number of invoices we were able to send to our customers,” said Zaur Kazimov, Senior Operations Analyst at TRAFFIX.

The Solution

Implementing Synergize has helped support TRAFFIX’s growth by better organizing workflows, coordinating admin staff between multiple office locations, streamlining processes like billing, and automating more manual work through TruckMate integrations.

“With the growth that we’ve had we figured before this we were maybe processing 40 or 50 invoices in a day. Synergize has allowed us to increase that capacity to about 120 or even more per user per day,” said Ann-Marie Devries.

The Future

With a paperless process in place, TRAFFIX has been able to support and sustain their growth while eliminating their billing bottleneck. They’re now able to accommodate the extra paperwork that comes with moving more loads. Having opened multiple new facilities across North America, they plan to continue using Synergize to streamline processes and add efficiencies.

“We plan to continue using Synergize and working towards a partnership. We consider it a partnership that we're going to both work together and help each other improve.”

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