Solar Transport Accelerates Cash Flow with Synergize

Solar Transport, established in 1963, is the Midwest’s leading fuel transporter of bulk petroleum related products. Based in West Des Moines, IA, the company’s fleet delivers loads to terminals across eleven states.

SolarTransport.gif“Synergize has given us a substantial competitive edge. Our customers are delighted with the new system and we’re managing more new business, more efficiently".

Carol Patterson, Director of Business Analytics, Solar Transport

Business Challenges

Each month, Billing Department staff spent over eight hundred hours manually processing invoices. Staff time was also spent responding to customer phone calls and emails, as well as locating and faxing requested POD’s, Bills of Lading and other critical documents. Solar Transport needed to automate and streamline their existing business processes to achieve the following goals:

  • Speed up the billing cycle in order to accelerate cash flow
  • Increase employee efficiency and improve customer service
  • Implement a billing automation solution that would integrate with their existing dispatch system, TMWSuite®

Microdea Solution

Synergize was chosen by Solar Transport’s Billing department to speed up the billing cycle, improve employee efficiency, improve customer service and to accelerate cash flow.

“We selected Microdea’s Synergize Electonic Document Management solution due to its advanced integration with TMWSuite®. With Synergize, we can extend document imaging and workflow and its associated benefits to business units not serviced by the dispatch solution,” said Nathan Church, Director I.T., Solar Transport.


“We’ve improved all our billing processes with Synergize. Days Sales Outstanding (DSO’s) have been reduced by five days to fourteen days. Customers receive their electronic invoices within forty-eight hours of delivery or even sooner and can conveniently view their POD’s and invoices online. Prior to Synergize, invoice preparation took three to five days. In addition, billing errors have been eliminated which means fewer disputes and more satisfied customers” said Carol Patterson, Director of Business Analytics, Solar Transport.

Solar Transport wants to duplicate the success of Synergize in other business departments. They are planning to implement Synergize in the Accounts Payable and Safety Departments.

Want to learn more about the benefits of automation? Download our free whitepaper, Making the Case for Business Process Automation in Transportation.


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